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    Together ControlCenter 6.0 was released this week. TogetherSoft takes an iterative model-build-deploy approach to application development. Version 6 introduces extensive IDE enhancements and new modeling functionality.

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    Why can't I get the eval lice until now,can any body tell me where to get one???
  3. At least here in germany getting an eval license from Together is a rather unenjoyable exercise. After installing the software, you have to register online. When finished (with survey and all), instead of the message saying that the key is being sent via email, you are told that an account rep will contact you in 2-3 days. After 3 days, you get a mail from a rep, asking another bunch of questions (like "do you have the money handy"). Thats when I lost my appetite - dont like to spend 5000$ to support that kind of setup.

  4. I'm a student at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.
    A few months ago, I tried out Together 5.5. I received an evaluation key after one business day. Great product by the way!
  5. If Together doesnt want to give you the evaluation key, asks whether you have the money ready etc etc..then try ArgoUML and help the opensource movement.

    "Poseidon for UML" is also a good product.
  6. I agree with you Sunil.

    Why spend so much money if you can get such great tools for free. Take eclipse (with Sysdeo Tomcat plugin and Genuitec JBoss plugin you have great integration with J2EE), ArgoUml and some useful tools like JUnit, Ant and XDoclet and you have a powerful IDE for zero bucks!

    Who needs all the GUI click some buttons and no one knows what happens. Maybe fast for prototyping and easy to use for unexperienced developers, but is not worth the money for any experiences J2EE programmer.


    P.S.: If you want to spend some money check out IDEA IntelliJ IDE (

  7. I've just downloaded Together 6.0 and used my beta eval key which works fine. It has never taken me more than a few hours to get a key from TogetherSoft perhaps those of you having problems should question your local support rather than the product or the company. Together UK are right on the ball!

    Excellent product, blows Rational's XDE away even with 5.5 and not even in the same ball-park as Rose. Poseidon is good but this is better.

    Now a full IDE comparable and perhaps better than JBuilder and IDEA. I can't provide an honest view yet, I've just downloaded the full version but I've been working with the beta and that was good.

    Full J2EE 1.3 modelling and deployment, GoF patterns, reverse engineering, ER models and code generation.

    Heaven for Java programmers.

    -John Davies- (not employed by or taking backhanders from Together, just a fan of good software).
  8. together grows out of control towards a micro$oftish all in one tool. versions 4.x were great. What I need is a good modelling tool and 4.2 does it just fine. The only really usefull new feature in 5.x is the snap to grid functionality and the try/catch controlls in sequence diags. I'm doing server side java, I don't need c# or vb nor am I designing menus and swing dialogs. The product would be so much more usable if Peter would sell a modelling oriented base package and then sell additional plugins (every language you want, source ctrl integration, GUI design, etc) to whoever needs it. Does enyone else feel the same way?

    still, 4.2 is the best modelling tool arround.

  9. MagicDraw is a really good modeling tool at a very, very affordable price (compared to TCC).
    And, of course, in terms of IDE nothing comes close to IDEA
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is a great product but Togethersoft is obviously not concerned with appealing to the developer masses.

    A single floating license for Together CC costs around $7,000 (USD). This immediately disqualifies the product from being considered by most small or mid-sized companies.

    Their eval process is painful, and once you do get an eval, it only lasts for 15 days.

    Togethersoft needs to come up with some compromise that alows them to better penetrate the modelling tool market. They have the best tool out there - its just priced out of reach for the masses.

    I use Enterprise Architect from SparxSystems (see Its a good tool for a reasonable price ($150 for the full version).

  11. I have to agree on the "micro$oftish" size of Together 5.5 and 6.0, it does take quite a bit of time to load up and with less than 512Meg of RAM it's a dog to run. You can disable most of the options from the load, that certainly makes it more efficient. I still use Emacs to edit Java although I'm trying to get used to IDEA which I love. I simply won't use Together as an IDE because it's too big, I want something that loads sub-second when I click on a Java file, Emacs does that, IDEA almost does, Together doesn't. Nothing beats Together though for modelling functionality.

  12. All in one toolset[ Go to top ]

    It's funny how many times I have seen people post that J2EE is behind .Net for truly integrated development tools, and now I'm seeing people slander Together for being to Microsoft-ish.

    Personally, I'm tired of using one tool for modeling, one tool for development, one tool for deployment, etc, etc, etc.. Together puts everything in one spot. We are about to begin a eval where I work and I am hoping that Together comes out on top.

    Of course, I also wich Together would come up with pricing model that would allow us to buy an affordable license for home use that is a trimmed down version. They seem to be kind of a Mickey Mouse company to deal with. However, it seems they are just targeting large enterprises with deep pockets at the expense of the "common programmer". As much as I hate to admit it, I'm sure they have chose the much more profitable business model, as long as they can get market share away from Rational.

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    >>It's funny how many times I have seen people post that
    >>J2EE is behind .Net for truly integrated development tools

    In fact, you are right. (I have been guilty of this).

    Some of the Microsoft developers I work with have been truly amazed at what tools like Together and IDEA do - they dont have a parallel on the M$ platform - they didnt even realise it was possible.

    Once Together improve support for the .NET languages (patterns, metrics, sequence diagram <-> code synch) and tight integration with VS.NET, it will be a truly comprehensive modelling/development platform. Rational are not even in the game (XDE for J2EE is pants).

    Their huge price is their biggest issue though...
    (we could probably buy a site license of IntelliJ IDEA for the cost of one floating Together License... :-(

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    I wait for the together soft to give me a licence,but I can't get ont until now,can you please give me one,my e-mail is yugss at 263 dot com,thanks.or any body get the licence will be please send me one.
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    Much that I'd love to I can't legally send you a license, this is not a software piracy site so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for your license.

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    thanks,I am just want to evaluate that software to deside wheather wo need to purchase it.
  17. I'm sure it's a great product, but it's a shame their one of the many American websites whose registration insists that you define a "State" even when your country is non-US! Very annoying!!!
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    hi, johns
    could you give me your evaluation key? I have applied for that for a few days and still get nothing from them.
    my email is
  19. I just downloaded it, I installed it, and I am still waiting for a license key. They might want to work on a an internal workflow system to make sure that the licenses reach the customers when they are ready to receive them.

    Or not. After all, there's always Rational Rose.
  20. It is so hard to get an evaluation key for the Togethersoft
    product. If this continues, it is only a matter of time that
    some open source product will take over. Good luck to TG.

  21. I'm not sure why everyone is having such a problem with eval keys. I got mine right away, and even got it an extension in order to complete the evaluation. Great product!
  22. it's really a great product[ Go to top ]

    i think that if we have a good forum to share experience in tcc.that shold be nice.