EJB Group Posts Portable Component Rules Whitepaper


News: EJB Group Posts Portable Component Rules Whitepaper

  1. The Component Consortium for EJB, a Japanese organization dedicated to promoting Enterprise JavaBeans portability, has translated its "Portable Component Rules" into English and released them to the public on its Web page.

    The new document provides 35 design implementation rules that prescribe a method for developing portable components and disclosing the components' information to application assemblers.

    The document is at http://www.ejbcons.gr.jp/rules/PO-01-01E.PDF

    Note: I haven't fully read the spec but thought it may be helpful.
  2. It is a great compilation of rules for developing portable enterprise beans.

    Our team here at YASU , over the past year and a half have stumbled on many of the rules mentioned in the doc.

    Testimony of having figured them out is our Rules Engine product QuickRules , which is off the shelf deployable in more than half a dozen leading App Servers. And the ones for which it is not off the shelf deployable , we promise to test and ship instructions in a week.
    By nature , the purpose of a Rules Engine is to separate Business Rules from other components. So portability across different app servers and interactions with beans written by application developers was of critical significance.

    Evaluation download is available from http://www.yasutech.com/

    This document, definitely will help component developers who are aiming for portability.
    Reading this document before designing their beans will help them avoid a lot of pitfalls.

    I must however admit that we have successfully bent around a couple of rules.

  3. Most points are already highlighted in the EJB specs - many text are simply reproduced verbatim.

    I can understand that the original text could be useful to the Japanese people since the EJB specs is not available in their native language.