Weblogic MQseries integration on 2pcs


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Weblogic MQseries integration on 2pcs

  1. Hi, I like to know weather anyone have sample code to link weblogic6.1sp2 and Mqseries5.2 located in 2 different machines?

    Weather it supports distributed transactions(with oracle8.1 and mqseries5.2)?

    can a distributed mqseries5.2 (on different pcs can invoke )a MDB running in weblogic6.1?

    Thanks Jeb
  2. The problem is that MQSeries does not support XA transactions in "client mode" (which is the mode used to communicate with a remote Queue Manager) -- at least, not via the JMS API. You could do 2PC with a local queue and then let MQ move the messages between the local and remote queues...

    Hope this helps,