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News: ObjectFrontier releases FrontierSuite 2.4

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    FrontierSuite us a development environment/platform for building portable J2EE applications, deployable across any J2EE/JDO/J2SE platform and any JDBC/JCA compliant data source. Version 2.4 adds support for more leading application servers and RDBMS, mapping of single objects/entity beans to multiple tables and more.

    Check out FrontierSuite.

    Press Release
    FrontierSuite 2.4 is released with increased features, extended support for third party tools and enhanced user friendliness. With this new release, FrontierSuite lives up to its commitment of providing a comprehensive solution for enterprises with the need to build reliable and scalable enterprise applications. It brings the vision of vendor independence closer to reality with its support for industry leading application servers and RDBMSs and answers the need of enterprises that want to reuse existing enterprise data and application code.

    With a new modularized approach designed to focus on the customer needs, FrontierSuite is offered in three flavors, FrontierSuite for building new applications (FrontierSuite), FrontierSuite for Reverse Engineering (Frontier ReModeler) and FrontierSuite for CMP for J2EE applications (Frontier DeployDirect). The new features for these are explained below.

    New features common to FrontierSuite, Frontier ReModeler and Frontier DeployDirect:

    Support for Orion application server.
    CMP can be provided for J2EE applications in Orion application server. With this addition, the CMP of FrontierSuite can be availed in WebLogic , WebSphere, JBoss, HP AS and Orbix E2A J2EE application servers in addition to the Orion application server.

    Context sensitive on-line Help.
    FrontierSuite2.4 release now comes with context sensitive on-line help for all the components of FrontierSuite.

    MDI (Multiple Document Interface) user interface.
    FrontierSuite now uses MDI architecture for displaying multiple components within the same window with independent scrolling controls. Each component of FrontierSuite opened for a model is shown in a separate tab in the same parent window. Working with multiple models simultaneously is much more easier now.

    The features that are specific to the different approaches are listed below:


    Integration with Paradigm Plus and Together modeling tools.
    Models designed in Paradigm Plus and Together can now be imported into FrontierSuite with ease. This adds to the existing support for Rational Rose and provides users the flexibility to work with different products that they are comfortable with and reuse that effort seamlessly in FrontierSuite. The integration is very simple and allows extraction of models from these modeling tools in an XMI format compatible with FrontierSuite.

    Enhanced O/R mapping capabilities

    Collapsed Mapping support.
    It is now possible to map an entire inheritance hierarchy of classes into a single table in the RDBMS. This allows for easier and faster access to data, improving application performance. With the existing support for Vertical and Horizontal mapping, the choices for mapping inheritance hierarchies are complete and mapping of any type can be chosen to satisfy varying needs such as speed of access, space constraints etc.

    Mapping a single java class to multiple tables.
    A single java class can now be mapped to multiple tables in the database, providing the option of splitting big java classes into multiple tables in the RDBMS.

    Frontier ReModeler

    Complete life cycle management
    Complete life cycle management of the relational and object models is supported, with automatic updation of the object model with any modifications carried out in the relational model and vice versa. This in conjunction with the synchronization facility provides a powerful solution to changing data models and applications during development stages.

    JCA based connectivity to stored procedures.
    Stored procedures in the RDBMS can be accessed through JCA based connectivity, allowing reuse of legacy code in new applications.

    Synchronization with RDBMS
    With this new feature, it is possible to synchronize the relational schema with any new entities added in the relational model and vice versa. This is a powerful feature that allows developers to enhance the existing data model with new additions in the form of tables, indexes and relations between objects without affecting the integrity of the existing enterprise data.

    Support for views
    Views in the underlying RDBMS can be reverse engineered in java classes, supporting data abstraction and security at the relational level.

    User-friendly features
    New features like support for working with multiple models at the same time and a list of recently opened models providing instant access to recent work etc make it easier for users to work in Frontier ReModeler.

    For more information, contact us at 770-777-8180 or visit www.objectfrontier.com

  2. The article was quite interesting, i would like to know more about the product

  3. Jobin,
    1. You can have more info on FrontierSuite at http://www.objectfrontier.com/Products/FrontierSuite/frontiersuite.html
    2. You can register and download a 30 day evaluation copy of the FrontierSuite2.4 at http://www.objectfrontier.com/download/Downloads.jsp
    3. More information on other ObjectFrontier products are available at http://www.objectfrontier.com/Products/Products.html
  4. Is this like an IDE?
  5. What extra features does the FrontierSuite persistence manager is having when compared to WebGain's TOPLink and Thought Inc's COCObase?
  6. Arora Sikh,

    We do not have comparision information with Toplink or CocoBase, but we can assure you that we can gurantee high quality performance on the merits of our product alone. With our strong caching capabilities, we can improve application performance by upto 50 times. You can download an evaluation copy of our product, FrontierSuite, from the following url


    Or we can give a demonstration of our product at your location in case you are interested in it. Please feel free to contact me at rajeshs@Object-Frontier.com

    S Rajesh Babu
    ObjectFrontier Inc.

  7. FrontierSuite consists of a development platform and a runtime environment. The development environment provides tools for modelling UML models, mapping the object model to a database schema (O/R Mapping) and an environment for adding business rules to the model classes. It supports J2EE/J2SE/JDO platforms and automatically handles all the deployment time nuances of the various application servers.
    It is not an IDE but a development environment that uses Model Driven Architecture for defining and implementing persistence requirements of enterprise applications.
    You can download an evaluation copy of FrontierSuite from


    S Rajesh Babu
    ObjectFrontier Inc