Does Apache improve the performances of dynamic pages ?


Performance and scalability: Does Apache improve the performances of dynamic pages ?

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if Apache improves the performances of dynamic pages served by JBoss + Catalina ?

    We know that Apache handles all static contents (*.html, pictures, *.js, ...) and that it redirects all requests for dynamic contents (servlets) to Catalina. Does it only redirect these requests and let Catalina do all the job or does it filter the requests to improve performance ?

    So, the question is : if our application only contains servlets + jsp, is it interesting to use Apache ?

    Thanks for your help :-)
  2. Surely you are serving out some static content (in the form of help pages, style sheets, inline images and the like) even when your application contains only Servlets and JSP. It is always a good thing (performance-wise) that someone else handles those requests leaving Tomcat to tend to Servlet and JSP requests only. This is somewhat hard on the packaging and the deployment teams, though.