Would like ability to review web application frameworks


TSS feedback: Would like ability to review web application frameworks

  1. Regarding the "Reviews" section of TSS, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a new review section for application frameworks (e.g., Expresso, Tapestry, Turbine, and WebWork). I am very interested in the supposed benefits of using a framework but I have found the task of selecting a framework for my company to use to be daunting. I have installed various frameworks and tried playing with their demo applications but I think it would be very helpful if TSS members could post their experiences with a given framework when used in a real project.

    In a related issue, I thought it might be helpful if TSS could add a simple side-by-side comparison system like the one available (to compare DB engines) on the MySQL site. Such a tool could be used to compare different application frameworks and also for comparing application servers.
  2. Such a section would really be useful ! Especially one which compared the frameworks at an architectural level, e.g. issues when deploying large applications, idioms, best practices, error handling, performance tuning, etc.

  3. I agree. There are so many frameworks out there and it would be very helpful to have a feature matrix with which you could compare different frameworks of equal intend.

  4. We have some big changes planned for the reviews area. What we are going to do is make it look more like the resources area, where reviews can be posted in free HTML, and on 'any topic' you like.

    Once we have that, I would be ecstatic to get the type of reviews you guys are talking about! :) Unfortunately, we are not planning on any dynamic 'side by side' comparison features.

  5. try the Wafer Project[ Go to top ]

    I recently became aware of a community effort to evalate the many open source application frameworks. It is called Wafer Project. While it is in the early stages, it promises some of the features that I was looking for when I posted this item.