Hi all,

I'm having some issues with run-as properties for message driven beans in jboss 2.4.4.

My current configuration is 1 ear with 1 MDB and 1 SSB. The security domain is going against an LDAP server for authentication and security is working. The SSB requires a user with role of admin to call any of its methods. The MDB allows <unchecked> calls in its method permissions since the ejb container calls the onMessage() method. The security domain defaults any unauthenticated user to a dummy role and therefore allows the container to call the onMessage method on the MDB.

Now the problem is when the MDB tries to invoke a method on the SSB. Since the SSB requires a certain role, the MDB set's its security identity and run as role in the deployment descriptor to match that role but I am still getting a null exception for the principal.

Does any have a working example of an MDB calling a secured SSB in jboss 2.4.4?