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    We're considering purchasing an O/R product to use with our J2EE framework. It seems like Cocobase and Toplink are the leaders in the market.

    Can any of you out there give me your opinion on which of these tools (or other O/R tolls that you may have used) may be the better choice and why (hopefully based on your experience with the product)..


  2. Hi,

    There is a MVCSoft's Persistent manager tool for O/R mapping. It is good and less price. You can check at their site .
  3. Hi

    Castor JDO is also a good open source free O/R mapping tool. I think it is widely used.

    But why not considering a JDO compliant implementation ?
    It is now a full Java standard and most designers already agree that it provides a very convenient, standard and scalable replacement for Entity Beans.

    Most available implementations are fully JCA compliant (at least LiDO from a french company) so J2EE integration is quite direct with most app servers.

    cheers, marc
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    I can't say its the best, but it is free. JGrinder. It can be used standalone (configured on your own), or directly integrated into a J2EE app server (using the transaction demarcation in the deployment descriptor and the JDBC configuration).
    Its been used in some high volume, high availbity locations, but not as part of J2EE.

    - Dave
  5. If the design space is J2EE, why not straight CMP?

    Relationships and inheritance are supported by some like WebSphere, and will be supported by all in the future as the spec and the products evolve.

    The main concern I have here at my job is, will these small vendors be around in a few years?

    TopLink has changed hands a few times in the last few years.