State of J2EE-Support in IDE's Matrix Available


News: State of J2EE-Support in IDE's Matrix Available

  1. A new section on highlights where to get downloads and information on the various IDEs and their plug-ins. It explores the kinds of IDE services available, and J2EE technologies supported, plus the state of plug-ins and architectural add-ons for six IDE makers: Borland, IBM, Oracle, Sun, TogetherSoft, and Webgain.

    With added focus on server technologies , IDEs can greatly improve J2EE developer productivity. Writing and testing an EJB, a task that might have taken a whole day can be done in minutes with some J2EE enabled IDEs. IDEs have become very powerful. They can do this - and more.

    Confessions of a command line addict: I have to admit that it is probably no longer necessary or even desirable to "do everything" on the command line. In general with new features for JSP, servlets, EJBs and in some cases Web services and JDO, these new IDEs provides fast and easy management of important services for various server technologies.

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    Wishing you the best of times on your IDE explorations.


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  2. Rich,
    I recommend you take a look at Pramati Studio also. It is a VERY nice J2EE IDE and it deploys to WebLogic, Oracle9iAS (I'm guessing Orion too), and Pramati of course. I believe they are adding more support. The IDE also has an open API, so I hear adding support for your own app server isn't brain sugery.

    I'm very pleased with Pramati Studio, but I still use IDEA as my primary editor because I am just totally addicted to their editor :)

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Definitely will do. Thanks!


    Rich Katz
  4. Hi Rich,

    I see you've got links to MDA-related resources on that page too.

    There is an MDA architectural IDE that you may want to add to the J2EE support matrix and to the links section: ArcStyler from Interactive Objects Software. There's information about platforms supported (WebSphere, WebLogic, Borland, IONA, iPlanet) and the level of MDA compliance on their web site: