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    Is there any good IDE for developing with EJB 2.0?
    I'm looking for a IDE, but all I've found is EJB 1.1, such as JDeveloper, F4J

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    JBuilder 6 Enterprise Edition has a visual EJB designer that does both 1.0 and 2.0
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    the new Togther Control Center 6.0 has full support for EJB2.0 and by the way it is a great IDE...

    Just test it for free...

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    Try Pramati Studio 3.0. It is a complete development, deployment and testing environment for EJB 2.0. Supports Pramati Server 3.0 and WebLogic Server 6.1
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    Hi Jose,

       Check the current state of JDJ contest of
    various Java products including Java IDEs at

    You will have the developer community opinion.

    You will see IDEs in several categories. You will
    probably want to take a look at all of them. For EJB
    and overall J2EE check the "Best Java Developer Studio"
    category. The current state is
    1. Borland Enterprise Studio For Java
    2. Oracle JDeveloper
    3. WebSpere Studio Application Developer (IBM)
    4. Together Control Center 5.5 (6.0 is out now)
    5. Rational Suite Developer Studio
    6. .........

    My personal preferences are 1, 2 and 4.