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    Hello folks,

    Has anyone here got the "SUN CERTIFIED ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT" certification? I'm studing for it now.

    I already bought a book but I'm still looking for tools. Does anyone have any clues?


    Julio Lins

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    Yes, I have it. The following books are good for the exam.

    Core J2EE Patterns.

    Design Patterns.

    The Oreilly JMS book. Maily concentrate on where to use the technology and the 2 messaging models. No code specific questions.

    The oreilly EJB book. Study hard on this one.
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    what are the pre-requisites for this exam?

    do you have to have any other certification before going for the J2EE Architect certification
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    If you have 2 years of Web development experience (any flavor) and have spent at least 6 months doing J2EE, the exam is very straight-forward.

    You will find the following URL's helpful:

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    do you have to be a certified java programmer in order to do it? Thanx.
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    There is no such requirement by SunEd, but I highly recommend that you have at least two year's hands-on Java experience, of which at least 6 to 9 months is working with J2EE (including EJB).