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    Oracle has released the production version of Oracle9i JDeveloper. The complete version is free, you only need to pay if you want official support. JDeveloper supports UML based code generation, a code profiler, JSP editor, wizards for EJB development, integrated J2EE container for local testing/debugging and more.

    Download JDeveloper.

    More info
    JDeveloper is one of the more complete Java IDEs out there with everything that a Java developer needs:
     - UML that generates Java code and does reverse engineering
     - Wizards for EJBs with one click deployment to Oracle9iAS and BEA
     - JSP editor with drag and drop JSP tag libs
     - Web services creation and consumption
     - Cool XML editor that supports insight into XML code
     - Code profilers to monitor your application execution and a code optimizer called Codecoach.
     - A fast debugger with some unique features like deadlock detection, on demand garbage collection and remote debugging.
     - Integration with SCM tools
     - Embedded J2EE container (OC4J) for local testing of EJBs and JSPs
     - And the very productive BC4J framework
     - And if something is missing from the IDE you can add it with the extension SDK.

    You are not tied into just using Oracle's database and application server and they provide documentation on how to work with BEA, JBoss and Websphere.

    It is certainly worth a download. The complete version with no time limit is FREE and if you want officially supported version its only $995. And it is written in Java so it runs on Linux and Unix too.

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  2. I thought the license stated that it was free for development but that you had to pay for it when you released a product commercially.

    Is this true?
  3. This is what the license says:
    "You may not:
    use the programs for your own internal data processing or for any commercial or production purposes, or use the programs for any purpose except the development and prototyping of your applications that operate with the programs;"

    So, you may not use this for commercial purposes.
  4. Just tried to download and run it. However, stopped cold when I found that (at least for unix/linux) there is no way to add a branch/release tag for checking out a cvs module.

    In other words, you can only check out by the Module name (no -r). Pretty bad support for source control.

    Think I'll wait again.

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    Do you always choose your IDE by the CVS support? ugh
  6. My understanding of the license is that it's free for development. For deployment of your app to any J2EE app server, you need to license your appserver of choice, or use a free one. There are no downstream runtime fees because you used JDeveloper to build the app or even if you are taking advantage of our J2EE Framework, "Business Components for Java (BC4J)". If you want full Oracle Support, it's $995 for the tool.

    Since apps built with JDeveloper9i run on any J2EE app server, you might be paying Oracle, or another vendor, that money for the appserver license for deployment.

    We recently posted a HOWTO article about how to deploy JDeveloper/BC4J-powered J2EE apps to JBoss to illustrate this. This is in addition to the built-in support for auto-deployment to Oracle9iAS (OC4J) and WebLogic.

    In any event, I've asked someone from our marketing team to chime in with a clarification on this in case my read is wrong. I work on the dev team for JDeveloper so pricing and licensing are not my personal field of expertise... :-)
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    does JDeveloper support JBoss 3.0RC1 ?
    or how to integrate with JBoss 3
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    Out of the box it seems to support only EJB 1.1.
    Does anyone know if it can be made to work with EJB2
    and MD Beans?
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    Unfortunately, it does not yet support ejb2.0 (don't know about MD beans - but I doubt it). While I actually enjoy working with the tool and think it has many valuable features, right now I use ejb2.0 almost exclusively and find it frustrating that I can't use this in JDeveloper. Word is that sometime this summer there will be a release that support ejb2.0 - maybe earlier than that on OTN.

  10. That's correct. We just went production with our JDeveloper9i release 9.0.2. This is designed to sync with our Oracle9iAS release 9.0.2 which also just went production (although it works with other J2EE containers, too).

    All of our EJB 2.0 work (including MDB support) is in the tool for our JDeveloper9i 9.0.3 release, due out this summer. We were previewing all this new EJB 2.0 support in this 9.0.3 version at JavaOne 2002 in March. There will likely be a preview version of the 9.0.3 JDeveloper with EJB 2.0 support before the production release.
  11. I downloaded the IDE. It looks as the complete package for a j2ee developer.Unfortunately the free version got all its useful functions disabled! Free ! you must be dreaming !
    Faisal Abdallah
  12. I haven't downloaded the prod version, but I have the latest release candidate (the one just before the prod version) and all of its functionality (that I know of and use) is complete. Which functions are you trying to use that don't work?

  13. Faisal,

    The JDeveloper9i product is free and has no disabled features or timebombs.

    If you want full support (other than our informal discussion-forum support on our web site which is free as well) the product costs $995.00

    Not sure what disabled functionality you might be referring to. The only obvious thing I can think of is if you tried to do "File" --> "New..." from the main menu without having first created a workspace to work in. In that case, all of the icons in the "New Gallery" will be greyed out *except* the "Workspace* icon since without a workspace the only thing you can do is create a workspace.

    After creating a new workspace and an empty project to work in, everything in the product works, no limitations.
  14. Hi Steve
    I apologize for what I said -I should have taken more time nd thanks for the very civilized reply .Great IDE
  15. HI!
    Is there any problem using jdk 1.4.0 with JDeveloper? I downloaded the base install from the OTN. I configured it to use my jdk 1.4. However, it´s too slow, and the dialogs does not work well. Any idea?
  16. It is certainly worth a download. The complete version with

    > no time limit is FREE and if you want officially supported
    > version its only $995.

    No, it's probably not worth a download -- the license sucks. The "FREE" means you're basically "FREE" to look, but not "FREE" to use it how you'd like.
  17. Hi -
    What is it you are trying to do that you can't do because of license restrictions? I've been using it for months and haven't experienced anything like that.


  18. Maybe you should read the license? Or perhaps you bought the $995 version.
  19. <quote>
    Maybe you should read the license? Or perhaps you bought the $995 version.

    I have read it, and it seems like I can do development and prototyping to my heart's content. I still think it is worth a download if you have the bandwidth, the disk space, and the memory. And certainly if you are in an Oracle environment and/or if you use Orion as well.

  20. No, I don't ever choose my IDE by source control support alone. But if I can't do something as simple as check out a particular release, then that IDE is out of the running. I've yet to face an IDE that doesn't let you get a branch out of CVS. Oracle is the only one I've used that has this problem so far.

    On top of which, isn't this built on the JBuilder license/code base? It used to be. If so, don't know what the Hangup is. JBuilder has one of the coolest source control interfaces out there.

  21. JBuilder and JDeveloper[ Go to top ]

    They used to have the same code base but apparently JDeveloper has been totally rewritten and uses its own core now.
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    Just to clarify the license details.

    You can download the full Oracle9i JDeveloper version with all the features enabled and all the extensions and no time limit from OTN.

    You can test it, play with it, and evaluate it as long as you want to. If you decide that you like it and you want to develop your production applications with it (and we think you will:-), then it is only $995 for a supported version and upgrades.

    We think this price is very fair for a Java IDE that also includes UML, Code profiling, Code optimization, refactoring, J2EE Framework, Business Intelligence Beans and a lot more. Compare this price to the prices of development suites from the other IDE vendors and you'll see we have a very compelling proposition.

    I hope this clarifies things.

    and by the way,
    Oracle9i JDeveloper is a complete Java re-write of the tool and has no code left from the JBuilder days.
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    Last time I tried it there was a "Copyright by Borland" message somewhere... so "no code left" may be a bit too much? Or couldn't you remove this?

    And then, while JDeveloper seems to be a nice IDE I must say I found it quite unstable... looks as if it wasn't developed to the end, two months missing (I had _real_ debugging problems, the debugger showing wrong things, the IDE crashed from time to time, the Oracle JVM (or compiler?) in one case simply mis-executed the code and some other things...).
    I'll try the next release again ;-) Though I admit, $1K would be a fair price for an EJB-IDE (compared to the IMO currently far superior but quite expensive JBuilder).


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    This comment tells me you haven't tried the last few versions of the product ;->

    We had license restrictions (leftover from our 1997 licensing of some Borland JBuilder code) that forced the Borland copyright to stay through the end of 2001, even though the Oracle9i JDeveloper product no longer uses any Borland code. Now were in 2002 so that copyright is no longer there, correctly reflecting the fact that JDeveloper is *not* related at all to JBuilder.

    Both of our JDeveloper 9i Release Candidate 2 and the 9.0.2 production release now on OTN no longer carry this Borland copyright.

    The 9.0.2 production version is very stable. You should give the latest product a try on your favorite platform.

    Also, regarding the comment above about limitations in our 9.0.2-version CVS support, I've checked with development and all of these restrictions are lifted with new CVS-related enhancments that our 9.0.3 maintenance release (due out this summer) has addressed.
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    Excellent product and good price (1/4 of JBuilder).
    Good evaluation version (no comercial development allowed)
    Oracle is doing it right!

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    Hmm, last I tried was RC2 and I thought it was still there... but I could be wrong on this, sure.
    but for sure, the problems mentioned above were with RC2, but of course, I'll give the final a try!
    Simply put I think the IDE is great for a "1.0" release (thinking of Eclipse 1.0 ;-)...


  27. I couldn´t understand what you mean with "(thinking of Eclipse 1.0 ;-)". Is Eclipse worst or better? I want to download the Eclipse, but I never saw a review about it for java programming - especially for server side development.
  28. Andre,

    Okay, you asked ;-)
    I think Eclipse 1.0 established a nice "base" for an IDE but had very little "development functionality"... I'd even go as far as saying they shouldn't have released it then as it had too little to offer for an up-to-date IDE. With 2.0 it is getting _much_ better although you won't find anything EJB related (if you meant that by "server side development").
    I cannot understand the comment "You'll be glad that no JBuilder code is left" as I think JBuilder is by far the best EJB development environment (the only one really supporting EJB 2.0)... my vote would be for Together/CC but it has too many bugs. Both products cost a lot though...
    Both JDeveloper and IBM WSAD (an Eclipse based product) are IMO good and offer about the same EJB functionality, but since WSAD is based on Eclipse 1.0 it has not enough "normal" development functionality and it also costs a lot, while JDeveloper's price is okay.
    Eclipse (2.0 beta) and IDEA are both good if it is okay for you to develop EJBs "manually".
    I'd recommend looking at the IDE thread (should be in the news-archive), don't have an URL at hand...

    kind regards,

  29. Thanks for the answer :) and just to confirm: When I said "server side development", I meant "jsp, servlets and ejb".


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    I had trouble using JDeveloper with Cloudscape where the entire IDE would crash when once the connection was established successfully by simply expanding the connections tree -- which does a load -- then trying to say create a table.

    Do you think it is because Cloudscape is running in embedded mode in the JDeveloper JVM, or is it running in its own JVM.

    Has anyone else been able to use Cloudscape (for example, the Cloudscape.jar from the Sun RI 1.3.1x) in JDeveloper?

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    Is JDeveloper built from the same code base as JBuilder?

    Do the JBuilder AddIns work inside JDeveloper? Does it use the OpenAPIs from Borland?

    I notice that there some source code under the BC4J directory? Can someone tell me what is this source for?

    Also, there's a note to install the OVM on top of the JDK. Does this replace the JDK or is it just a different kind of JIT?
  32. Addressing the three questions above:

    1. Are there issues in using JDeveloper9i with JDK 1.4?

    Yes. JDeveloper9i IDE (all in Java) is tested and certified to run with JDK 1.3

    You can use it to develop apps that use a 1.4 JDK, but the IDE itself cannot run on 1.4 presently. We're working on that certification for the 9.0.3 maintenance release of the IDE due out this summer.

    2. Crash with cloudscape?

    I'm not aware of any issues with using Cloudscape. If this still happens with the 9.0.2 production release, please email me.

    3. Is JDeveloper9i based on JBuilder ?

    Absolutely not. The JDeveloper 3.2.3 release did still have a little Borland code left, but JDeveloper9i is a complete IDE rewrite in Java that has no borland code left. I believe that when you compare the two products, you'll be happy that there's none left in there! :-)
  33. The licensing doesn't seem to permit commercial application deployment if you haven't bought the license ($995) from Oracle.

    -- Rodney

  34. I tried one of the release candidates and thought this IDE is great. The inclusion and integration with Orion/OC4J is awesome and the fact that you can develop on it for free is incredible. Great marketing Oracle! I'm trying to learn J2EE right now and the fact that I can get my hands on an decent Enterprise IDE with no functionality disabled means a lot to me. Oracle can believe that when I start recommending dev products to clients, JDeveloper will be it.

    However, I do have one comment/complaint which is that I'm developing on a Win2k/PIII 650Mhz/256 megs of RAM and the app sucked almost ALL of that memory up and more. It has an amazingly large footprint which made it slow to use many times. I'm downloading the release now, so we'll see if it's a bit faster. But other than that, I've been very impressed.


  35. Russell,

    We're constantly using JDeveloper9i's own built-in memory, event, and execution profiling tools to tune *itself* -- of course, we use JDeveloper9i to develop JDeveloper9i -- so that we can bring down this memory footprint. We've already made progress on the memory and speed optimzation front for the upcoming 9.0.3 maintenance release.

    At the moment, memory is pretty cheap so if you happen to use JDeveloper9i along with other apps, upgrading to 384 or 512MB of RAM will benefit all apps that you run.

    In the 9.0.3 release, we have a new Extensions Manager that allows you pick and choose just the parts of the product you use to further control memory and startup time. The whole product is built as modular extensions based on our Extension SDK. :-)
  36. One thing. I am kind of baffled by the supporting documentation. It's not the expected pdf manuals or html but mostly zipped up javadocs and xml in jarfiles. I am willing to admit that I am just too dim to find them, but where are the manuals?
  37. All of the manuals are online.

    Pick Help | Help Topics from the main menu.

    There's a hierarchical organization as well as an index and a search capability.
  38. online only? i am one of those folks that prefer (greatly) the printed page.

    (and thanks)
  39. Keep an eye on the documentation section. I know that the PDF's that are available for the application server components (forms, reports, 9iAS rel 1) all had printed documentation available.

    My boss told me that Oracle 7 came in a big box that included all the printed manuals, but that was basically the last Oracle product with any printed documentation that came with the actual product.
  40. I don't understand clearly this "free" stuff in licence. Could anybody clearify me this? I make application whit JDeveloper but deploy on FW, Open Source Container for what must I pay licence?
  41. Hi!

    Have you found an answer for your question? I´m also using the Oracle JDeveloper 9 for developing, but use JBoss+Jetty to deploy. Is JDeveloper free or not? What must I pay?