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    I'm interested to know if there are any products available today that can help a Java developer integrate loosely coupled components into a business process. I thought of doing this using existing Java APIs but I don't want to build all the infrastructure myself, like translating from Java to XML and back, dealing with persistence of the process context, correlating messages, etc.

    I looked at BEA Workshop but realized it is mainly good for creating asynchronous web services with a callback pattern but they don't address long-lived multi-step business processes. Any ideas?

    Thanx! Jill
  2. Please refer the following thread. Collaxa ( provides solution for long-lived multi-step business processes!

    I am using their eval. copy, it is very easy to integrate loosely coupled services using Collaxa's WSOS.


  3. Yes. I agree with you..i was evaluating BEA's Weblogic Workshop, it is a very nice tool to create web services...once you created bunch of web need some kind of stateEngine/Orchestrator to coordinate those web services..

  4. Jill,

    Collaxa offers indeed a solution that reduces the complexity of integrating multiple synchronous and asynchronous web services into a long-lived multi-step business process. It relies on an innovative JSP-like abstraction (called ScenarioBeans).

    You can download the product and kick the tires at

    Tibco and Web Methods also offer solutions in that space.


  5. Thanks for the guidelines, Scenario Beans sound easy enough if it's anything like a JSP. I will download the Collaxa product and let you know if it addresses my problems. Stay tuned.

    I checked out the web sites of Tibco and WebMethods but they do not seem to have any developer community. I am somewhat skeptical about trying to download software if I am not able to post questions to other developers when I run (and I surely will) into problems with their software.

    Thanx again!

  6. Hi Jill,
  7. Hi Jill,
  8. Hi jill,
      Sorry about those 2 empty replies :).
      I don't think these products can really help in integrating the business processes published as webservices.
    Because web services itself is not so matured to handle the business process integration. It does not take care of long lived transactions involving many web services. If 2 web services (or business processes) needs to be invoked in a 2 phase transaction, then there is not way it can happen.
    Here are the few open questions IMHO are yet to be addressed.
    1. Transactions involving multiple web services.
    2. Who co-ordinates the transaction.
     If one web service invoking letz say needs database update and is part of transaction aware web service, it really cannot open the database transaction and wait for webservice TxCo-ordinator to call commit(), since other web services might be asynchronous and it may span over days. So there needs a standard pattern for making a web service for 2phase commit aware. The 2phase commit call for prepare should not keep any resources open, since the commit might get called after long time.
    For me it looks like even if you write your own layer for this, it will end up being proprietory and if you wait for some standard, it may take tooo much of time.
    I had heard about a standard XAML (Transaction Markup Language) ( which was supposed to define this.
    Unfortuntely, it was put up by bowstreet. The company itself is in pity state and is shut down.
    I donno whether this helps you in any way, but what IMHO you are expecting in web service is very early ...
  9. Gopi,

    I would agree that support for business transactions (aka open nested transactions) is an important piece of web services.

    The ScenarioBean abstration HAS support for transactions. It allows developers to compose multiple webservices into a long-lived multi-step business transactions. It leverages the Business Transaction Protocol (BTP). You can download the 45-trial version and kick the tires (

    Do you have any specific concerns regarding BTP?