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    I've asked before and I'll ask again - and I'm not the only one. This forum is very, very frustrating. Can you please, as a matter of urgency, sort entries by date last modified to keep current threads of discussion at the top of the lists? This requirement has been floating around for what seems like ages. In fact it is ages.



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    I'll second that. In fact, it would be great as well to have more than 4 threads in the forum portal preview section.

    Thanks, Lars
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    I'll third that :-)

    Also being able to search through messages would also be nice!

    I sent an email about this a week ago... no response yet :-(

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     Where did you send an email about your request? I havn't seen it.

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    I sent the email to on Fri, May 3, 2002 2:44.

    I don't know why I sent it to rickard, but I'm guessing there was a feedback link somewhere - which I can't find any more.

    Here is the text of the message:


    I don't know if you are adding/modifying the Discussions part of your website, but here are a couple of ideas that would be nice to see (In order of priority):

    1. Sort the theads by "Last Modified" instead of the thread start date. (ie it would be nice to have threads that have been modified recently at the top)

    2. A search function on the text on the subject fields, posted by, as well as the text of the messages would be nice.

    3. Customisation of the number of messages the index page for the Disscussions shows. eg:
    Be able to set it to show: 10 Messages from EJB Programming, 5 From EJB Design, 10 from EJB General, and none from the remaining forums.

    Sorry if I'm asking too much :-)



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    Floyd Marinescu answered on another thread (about the delay in the new website) that Rickard has left, therefore a delay in the new website until July.

    This is probably why you haven't gotten any answers.

    You are correct about the UI issues, but I suppose my personal reaction is that I'm just glad TSS is here at all
    despite of the bogosities of the UI.

    Times are hard, and TSS exists economically as a marketing tool for TMC's courses and consulting services. It is probably fairly expensive to run and has to pull it's own weight economically as well as technically.
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       Dion Almaer has joined as the Chief Architect, he starts in a couple of weeks. He will be working hard to fix the 'bogosities' (I love that word, where did you come up with that?) of the site!

       Don, you are very perceptive and you are partially correct about TSS' reason for existence. At first, it was funded as a marketing tool, but extra funded as we were serious about building a great community site. However, TSS has grown into much more than that now, and we will soon be investing even more in making the site better. TSS is actually making money now with all these ads you have seen online and in the newsletters.

       Just wait till July, TSS will kick ass!

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    Great news about Dion. Does this means he won't be doing the London gig after all?

    'Bogosities' is 70's slang. The root word is 'bogus', but in a slanging sense that you won't find in Websters. In the slanging sense 'bogus' meant esthetically unpleasing or non-optimum. '.NET is totally bogus!' ;-)

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    Thought I'd just add my 2 cents (or 2 pennies if you are on this side of the Atlantic) worth to the discussion re personalisation of the forums.

    1. Each user should be able to see the full list of forums from which they can add one or more forums to their favorites. Possibly allow the ability for the user to sort their favorite forums.

    2. There should be a search capability that will allow you to search for keywords, phrases or authors in specific forum(s).

    3. The topics shown in the forums should be sorted in latest reponse order (i.e. most recent reponse at the top to the list.

    4. The user should be able to personalise the number of topics shown in each forum e.g. 4, 10 ... and possibly a 'minimised' state which just shows the forum title and a 'restore' button/icon

    5. Ideally you should also be able to support a sort of hierarchy of forums (i.e sub-forums within forums as J2EE is a v wide church and there are a lot of separate but related areas of discussion/interest.

    6. Provide several potential different views of the discussion threads. I personally really like to see the threads as a series of nested messages and responses with indentation to show the level but I know its not to everyones taste.

    7. There needs to be a spellchecker and some way to 'preview' your message before it is posted.

    It could well be worth having a look at the latest version of Jive (I know there are plenty of others out there as well) as it will provide a lot of the the above funtionality out-of-the-box and it is very extensible.

    Andy Bowes

    p.s. I don't work for Jive but I have used it on several client's sites and it has done everything I've asked of it (after a few 'minor' tweaks)
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    Hi Andrew,

     You are right, it has been floating around for ages. We are simply understaffed, particularly since our main developer as moved on. Good news is that we are getting a new Chief Architect (Dion Almaer), and he will begin working on that in June.

      I would have coded it myself, but I want it to be a personalization feature (choose it to be that way), not the default.