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    This seems like a stupid question, but an important one..
    What calls are remote and what are local?

    My system will be running on 1 server w. the DB-server on the same machine (initially at least). There will only be webbased clients. All things will be built into 1 EAR/WAR-file. So my question is: which of the following calls are remote/local?

    1) presentation logic (webwork action)<--> session facade (SLSB)
    2) session facade (SLSB) <--> SFSB
    3) session facade (SLSB) <--> CMP EB
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    The answer to your question depends on what kind of EJB interface (remote/local) is used to access each bean. If, for instance, only the facade bean has a remote interface, then calls 2 and 3 will be local.