EJB Design Patterns PDF posted for free download


News: EJB Design Patterns PDF posted for free download

  1. I am pleased to announce that TheServerSide's book EJB Design Patterns is now available for free download in PDF format. EJB Design Patterns was the #2 book at Java One 2002, and held the #1 Java book position on Amazon.com for weeks since the book was released in March. Thank you members of TheServerSide, for all your help in creating this book.

    EJB Design Patterns goes beyond high-level design pattern descriptions into critical EJB-specific implementation issues, illustrated with source code implementations. The book contains a catalog of twenty advanced EJB patterns and provides strategies for mapping application requirements to patterns-driven design, J2EE development best practices, and a collection of EJB tips and strategies, and other topics such as Build-System best practices using Ant, JUnit testing strategies, using Java Data Objects (JDO) as an alternative to entity beans, and more.

    Download EJB Design Patterns.

    Read the original launch thread and discussions about the book.

    Check it out on amazon.com.

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  2. Thanks a lot!

    Anyone know what was the #1 book at JavaOne?
  3. I believe it was Java Web Services :)
  4. Thanks a lot Floyd, appreciate it.
  5. Thanks a lot Floyd. I have very anxiously been waiting for your book. It has gained a lot of applause so I dont need to repeat it. I really appreciate your, scott's and tyler's contribution.

    Vivek Chaudhri
  6. Thanks a lot for releasing the PDF version of the book Floyd
  7. You people are doing great service. This book is difficult to find in india. You made my day.
  8. Yep, I think it is difficult to find it in india. Two months back, I went to a book-shop and asked for "Design patterns by Floyd". Then, shop-keeper replied, "we dont have that, we have Digital logic and Design only".

    Thank you Floyd.

  9. Go to right store.
    Anil Patel
  10. Srinivasa Rao ,
    Look for it in right store.
    Anil Patel
  11. Cheers to you Floyd and TSS team ! I skimmed through a few chapters and couldn't agree more with comments from one of the industry experts - either read this book or learn through your experience over a period of two years. The organization of content and illustrations deserve good compliments. Some of the chapters in the second part are a must read for experts. Guess, I shall stay awake for the rest of the night reading the sections on pattern-driven design.
  12. As with all the other posters - a note of thanks to Floyd and TSS for being such a worthwhile part of the EJB community.

    However the real point of my post is about the contents of the book. Floyd - I've seen many people rave about using the command pattern for Web-EJB tier communication, and was surprised that it wasn't in Chapter 4. I suppose what I'm asking is why it was omitted - not worthwhile, oversight, ???

    thanks again
  13. hmmm.... sorry - jumped to quickly.... was looking in the wrong place - of course its on the first page of the first chapter (o:

    maybe I'll revise my above post to a note of thanks (o:

  14. great book floyd!

    ive enjoyed reading it immensely

    keep up the good work :-)

    morten wilken
  15. Thank you very much !!
  16. Finally my hunt for good book is over.
    Thank you very much Floyd Marinescu.
  17. Great job! Thanks a lot, Floyd!
  18. Great job,thank you very much
  19. Already bought it but thanks anyway. :)

  20. All right! Thanks for the PDF version Floyd... it'll be a good compliment to my page worn hard copy ;-)

  21. Excellent! We have already purchased this book and will be buying more copies for our dev team. It's still handy to have the PDF to search through occasionally.
  22. I agree.. .we've already bought two copies of the book, but the PDF is great for those trips when you don't want to have to lug around all of your books. I think its awesome that you guys put out the PDF for free - it shows that you have a lot of confidence in your material.

    I especially enjoyed chapters 7, 8 & 9 (EJB Development Process, Entity Beans vs. JDO, and EJB Idioms and Tips).

    Keep up the good work guys.
  23. Thanks a lot. It's very hard to find this kind of books in Romania.
    -- Gabi
  24. Thanks a lot Floyd, appreciate it.
  25. Thanks Floyd,

    I've already ordered my printed copy on Monday ;-).

    All the best,
  26. Thanks Floyd,
    I already bought it.
    Me and my brother are enjoying it!

    Alireza and Amirhossein

  27. Excellent book
    Cheers to Floyd and TheServerSide community
  28. Excellent book and kudos for releasing the PDF.

    I feel it was important and very well executed to have a dedicated chapter to the EJB Development process in a book on EJB Design Patterns, especially to setting up the build and testing environments. I have frequently found this to be a problem for newbies, that takes costly cycles off doing trial and error.

    Chap 7 does an excellent job at laying out the groundwork for Ant and Junit test suites. This should save serious time off the "learning curve".

  29. Thanks a lot Floyd.
  30. Thanks a lot Floyd,

    great great job.
  31. neat stuff thanks a lot

    btw. you can use ghostscript and gsviewer to be able to copy and paste/print the book.
  32. Excellent book, bought it when it first came out. The PDF is very handy for when I travel to work in another city - hate packing a paper library. ;-)
  33. thank you a lot for giving this away to us. i just ordered a copy since this book even better than i expected it to be.
  34. Thanks everyone for your praise and comments. Just knowing that so many of you have found it useful makes every late and often stressful hour I spent working on the book worthwile!

  35. What are the future plans for this book. Are you planning on updating this?

    Great book !!

  36. Right now there are no plans of updating it as the book is already on the cutting edge (EJB 2.0, etc), and EJB 2.1 is not introducing any paradigm-shifting new features.

    My thoughts were that I might create a second edition once there were enough new patterns to warrant one.

    What do you think?

  37. Man, this book rocks. What I would like to see more of, is fuller examples of CMP2.0 relationships. This is not really a "pattern" so it may do better in the next version of theserverside's other book (we have that one already).

    I *really* appreciate the sections on project management, the ant stuff, the junit stuff, etc. This, together with the extreme java tools book, make a good duo.

    By themselves, patterns are a paradigm shift. I think this book definitely helps to help Java developers make the shift from programming patterns to implementing them in a realistic way. At least the ones who aren't already experts. ;-)

  38. Thanks for your kind words Steve. If you guys would like to help me out, I'd really appreciate if you shared your thoughts about the book as a book review on amazon.com.


  39. Thanks Floyd , These kind of books are difficult to find in India. Till the time they are available , it becomes too late.

  40. Thanks a lot for the chapter on EJB Development Process. I wonder if you could consider including the sample ANT build files in this chapter as part of your source code download bundle.
  41. Thanks, I download this book and I like it. So I just order it on bookpool.com.

    Is the #1 book Java web services (Oreilly) or Building Java web services ?


  42. Chester, I believe the offical #1 book at Java One (according to the Java One book store) was 'Effective Java'. Mine was #2, and Sun J2EE Certification book was third.

  43. Great book that leverages some classic Design patterns from the "Gang of Four" to J2EE and specifically - EJB level!
    A must have for J2EE System architect (who is on a budget too:)

    Daniel Zilberman, NOKIA
  44. Great Book.

    Thanks a lot, Floyd.
  45. Floyd Marinescu,

    I just want to say your book is fantastic! I just got it a few days ago from amazon and I am already 150 pages through the book! Since I haven't used j2ee really and I am just starting to, you essentially answered all my questions from the get-go. Now I can build systems the j2ee way from the start without having to refactor everything and learn from mistakes (though I still have some experience to gain of course). Your book will become a staple in EJB development for sure after the individual learns j2ee, your book is a great resource afterwards. Thanks so much for writing the book. I've co-authored 2 books myself, so I know that it's hard work. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work and that it has and will help me greatly. Thanks so much.
  46. A good book that puts thing in a unified perspective.


    Antonio DeRosa
  47. It's Great Book FOr the Design Patterns
  48. This a Great Book For the Design Patterns

    Sanjay Saini
  49. I just finished reading the book yesterday and found it well-written and useful.

    So today I found that the Data Transfer RowSet pattern (using the Sun implementation of CachedRowSet) is something that would solve what could be an ugly problem otherwise. I went to Sun's "JDBC RowSet" page (http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/earlyAccess/crs/), and for this first time (since this is for work) read the license agreement. Seems to me that these lines:

    6.1 This Agreement will commence on the date on which Licensee receives Licensed Software (the "Effective Date") and will expire ninety (90) days from the Effective Date, unless terminated earlier as provided below.

    imply that I cannot use this product for more than, er 90 days. I didn't see anything else precluding it's use, and I admit that I am crap at reading/interpreting license agreements, so I am wondering if I am wrong here.

    I'm not trying to have a dig at you, but did you verify the licensing before you wrote about it? Maybe I am mis-interpreting the license (I hope)?