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    I am looking for a somewhat free J2EE compliant application server to use. I was thinking of Tomcat but it is only a Servlet/JSP container for the moment.
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    how so?
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    I tried a BMP entity bean with jboss+mysql I found the combination explosive. I liked the small time amount jboss takes to boot, and how its hot deploy works. the application I wrote to test the entity bean run smoothly. I didn't do any serious comparisons between the performances of jboss compared to bea weblogic but I felt it much more faster. anyway thank you for your indication, For the time being I know that any future application I will realize, it will run under jboss
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    JBoss is a possibility, but also try HP-AS (aka Bluestone). You have to apply at http://www.bluestone.com/SaIsapi.dll/SaServletEngine.class/default.jsp

    but it's well-worth it. A good product.
  5. if you are using for non-commercial purpose, try orion
    it costs 1000$ pr/server flat
  6. HI!
    I wish to use ORION, but I don´t know if it will keep evolving... It´s just stopped some months ago. The site keeps not changing, not adversiting any new version. Is Orion dead?
  7. Orion is a nice server, but I think they are more focused on OC4J for Oracle. If you want a really good full featured, and
    active App Server, you should check out JBoss.

  8. I'd like to. However, I think Jboss is slow, and does not have a REAL integrated Servlet/JSP engine. Jetty sucks. Tomcat is slow. Besides, Jboss is not as easy to configure/administer as Orion.
  9. Your right on some points. Orion is easy to configure/administer. I'm not sure of your problems with JBoss, but I have found it to be very performent. Which version of Jetty are you talking about? Its good. As far as I know, Jetty
    is even used in SonmicMQ for http tunneling. I think if you would re-evaluate JBoss3.0-Jetty4.0 you will find it to be a capable and performent J2EE 1.3 platform.

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    *Sonic MQ* , sorry for the typo.

  11. I evaluated Jetty 4.0.2(latest version, according to their site). For my application, it really performed VERY bad. It was worse than Tomcat(third place), Orion(second place) and OC4J (first). It was not even close to them. Of course, here I´m talking about an application that uses only servlets/jsps for interface and beans to make the middleware.

    I have an application using EJB´s. I will test it using Tomcat+Jboss, Jetty+Jboss, OC4j and ORION.

    Thanks anyway.
  12. And there's also the new LavaServer J2EE app server appliance from LavaServers, Inc. (www.lavaservers.com). (I'm a founder).

    It's not free, but you get a 1U rack server and a J2EE certified app server in a simple to install and manage appliance for $2499 - not much more than what you would pay for just the 1U server (1Ghz P3, 512 MB, dual nic, 40GB disk).


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    You should try Pramati Server (www.pramati.com). It is not free, but in $2-$3 k range. It has all the J2EE 1.3 stuff (including complete EJB 2.0) and their ECPerf numbers look quite good. Pretty easy to use also. You can attend one of their webinars.

    JRun has also lowered it prices, but I am not sure how good that is. Has anyone tried it?

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    Pramati isn't free, and that is a problem for many people.
    Even $1K or $2K is an awful lot of money for an individual or a small software development project starting out on a shoestring!

    The pricing is good for commercial deployments compared to Websphere and Weblogic but there are questions about Pamati's performance compared to the market leaders. Even so Pramati is definately to be looked at for deployment but too expensive for development right now.
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    I agree, paying money for development licenses does not make any sense.

    Pramati too seems to be offering development licenses FREE, http://www.pramati.com/purchase/offer_2.htm. That is what I tried. They say it is only for 6 months, but I guess that is good enough.

    Borland also gives FREE development licenses for its Enterprise Server, http://shop.borlan.com. Not sure about their EJB 2.0 support, though.

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    try RESIN . its free & good too and very very very easy to set up .. and unlike jboss , resin has a lot of very well written manuals.. jboss sucks in terms of help manuals .. also resin is a complete solution . no need to have integration of 2 to 3 diff apps ...
    i m sure people have used jboss suucessfully and they like it too, but it was my personal experience that jboss sucks in terms of help docs and instructions ..

  17. "try RESIN . its free & good too and very very very easy to set up .."

    Are you sure RESIN is free? I don´t think so.

    "but it was my personal experience that jboss sucks in terms of help docs and instructions .. "
    Completely agree.

  18. Hi Andrew,
        For development resin is free. and they charge very nominal for production license.
       And i think paying a little $$ to resin was much much better than to go for saving some $$$ with jboss server.
       Jboss documentation on the website is very old and not updated and doesnt address any issues in details - be it installation issues or running CMP..
       But its worth ( and fun ) evaluating everything ..

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    From where can I get resin app server ?