Open Source wingS 1.0 Beta Framework Available


News: Open Source wingS 1.0 Beta Framework Available

  1. wingS 1.0 beta has been released. WingS is a servlet development framework with a Swing-like application component model. It uses the models, events and event listeners from Swing. Application development with wingS is very similar to application development with Swing.Porting of simple Swing applications to wingS is a job of a few minutes.

    Check out wingS.

    What do you guys think of this approach to application development? It certainly seems novel. Feel free to help the wingS team with feedback.

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  2. The server is too Slow to do anything. Waiting, waiting... timeout
  3. Guess they couldn't SWing it ; )
  4. Well, it can't be the server, that is "too slow". The processing of a request takes only a few milli seconds and the documents are small. Maybe the link between you and our server in ulm/germany is slow. Try installing the web apps locally (takes only a few minutes).


    Holger Engels
  5. Hi Holger!

    I really enjoyed looking at WingS. I like the underlying architecture. I have looked at Creamware in the past, which does the same thing closed source/commercially. Too bad we have implemented our own web GUI components in the meantime here at Siemens. They look much more polished (especially our tables kick ass with dynamic sorting, resizing etc.), but they are not as cleanly structured.

    Greetings to you and Nina,
    Tilo Christ, tilo dot christ at siemens dot com
  6. Hi Tilo!
    Really too bad, that you have implemented your own library! I wish, you could join the wingS team ;-)

  7. How is this different/better than Tapestry (the true web components architecture)?
  8. Not so combative please![ Go to top ]

    I love to promote Tapestry too, and I love to see a show of support, but that's a little too combative. I've briefly looked at WingS at it has some great technology, I just don't think it solves the same set of problems which Tapestry addresses.

    I'll be releasing Tapestry 2.1 fairly soon, we can rally round the wagons then.
  9. Not so combative please![ Go to top ]

    Looing forward to it! :)
  10. on two examples i waited and waited and waited (and then gave up), on the third i got "internal server error" --- so if you really want me to comment based on what i've seen of it... its baaaaad.
  11. I was able to access the server instantly. It looks like a very innovative idea. Wondering if they have some sort of aa visual development environment for wingS too ...
  12. This is the closest to a ASP.NET competitor I've seen so far (having looked at Struts, WebWork and Tapestry). Would like to dig more into the framework and see how it work in a real life web app. But it sure looks interesting :)

  13. It's really cool! and it works with Mozilla 1.0 too.

    But I suspect it is not very flexible, because servlet generates HTML response totally from Java server code without hardcoded HTML.

    A more flexible aproach could be glue wingS components inside a JSP page.

    A very good work.

  14. Actually wingS is very flexible.

    The TemplateLayout manager allows you to place components inside plain HTML Files. This allows completely separate development of application logic and html code. The templates can be replaced at runtime.

    The code generation is pluggable. wingS has a similar LookAndFeel concept like Swing. You can use different look LookAndFeels for different browsers / clients. Even a WML LookAndFeel is possible (though we had no time to write one yet).

    Holger Engels
  15. This sounds similar to JavaServer Faces. See:

    Can anyone compare the two?

  16. Wings is existing and working product :)
    No really, what they are doing at Sun? Faces are still “in pdf format”,
    JSTL is poor. There are several nice products around like Wings, Ticl or Coldtags
    Looks like it would be better for Sun (and for all of us) to take existing team on board.
    Otherwise ASP.NET guys will eat our food.

  17. JSTL is not poor at all, the latest release really rocks.
    give it a try, with JSTL you no longer need scriplets.
  18. It is not possible to compare the two because JSR 127 has not come out with a public draft yet. Yes, it looks like repeated effort. This was pointed out by Dino Fancialu (one of the developers of Swinglets - another product like Wings, out of UK) to the Spec Lead of JSR 127.

    It has been one year and they are still cooking. Have they heard of iterative development. I am sure they don't have anything substansial and comparable toWings.

  19. I just went through the website demos, and the tutorial. At the end I started finding problems (incorrect build files, tutorial directions missing steps, etc.). Overall I think this is a great idea and I'm excited about it but at the same time I feel it's not mature even at Beta.