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      I have downloaded the websphere 4.0,and am able to deploy
     my first ear file,but it takes a lot of time as compared to
     the other app servers which have been evaulated by me....
       Now the problem comes when i try to call that application http://vicky/myApp where myApp in the context
     for the installed web-app.If I call the same application
     from different machine it is redirected to but then no response appears ,the response comes from the iis webserver...
     Could any one who had been succeed in configuring the application help me out...
     regards vickyk

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    Hope port you are specifying is correct. Default port for WAS4.0's default_host is 8090. so you ip:8090/context_root should work.
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    Hi Harjeet,
              Do you mean to say that the jsp/servlet container
     in the websphere4 is running on the 8090?I have configured
     this with the IIS.What I wanted to clear is that as soon
     as the websphere starts ,does all the contexts run with respect to http://ip:8090/estore (for pet store)?For my case I am able to see petstore from http://ip/estore as it gets redirected from the IIS which is running(confustion).
     Yes this was creating the confusion and I was expecting the
     websphere to work without the web-plugin,I mean the request comming directly to websphere..
     Currently I am not able to start the work on the websphere
     as I am not authonticated to start the server due to OS restrictions,I will try and check if my application runs from http://ip:8090/estore..
     Is the petstore running this way for you?How is your experience with websphere 4
     Thanks for the reply...
     regards vickyk
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    You will need to execute "Regen Webserver Plugin" on the node after you deploy a application.
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       The webserver plugin is creating the problem.Can you explain what is web-plugins job.The plugin part is something additionnal I found in websphere.In case of the
     other application server I did not have to mention plugin(web plugin)..
      I believe the web plugin is linking the webserver with
     the application server.
    regards vickyk