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    BEA doesn't seem to like the Linux platform. Today I tried 3 times to download the new version of WLS 7.0 for Linux but all they provide is a file that says it's bad when trying to start the installer (I even tried their "Download Manager"). By the way, other companies provide Linux versions from the first day of a new release.
    I even cannot use version 6.1 sp2 because they didn't provide us (as paying BEA partner) with any license key for this version.
    The "support" simply does not work in any way.
    If I'm stuck to Windows with the BEA products, where's the reason for using it at all ?
    JBoss works ...
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    I'm sure BEA works on sun too (Gota keep the partners happy)
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    I does not matter if it works on SUN or anything else when you dont't get any license keys for these versions. We payed for the BEA partner package but got only old software on CD (which for me is completely useless). After downloading new versions I never got the appropriate license keys, even after calling the support several times.
    I my point of view they are a Windows company.
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    Lars, it has absolutely nothing to do with Weblogic's stance on Linux. I have a significant amount of experience working with that company I can say with a high degree of surety that you are a victim of incompetence. They have horrible customer service and I've never once had a good customer experience with them (and I've had many). If you want to get anything done with them, you have to be very persistent and patient...
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    Mike, thanks for your reply. When BEA support is bad, the main argument for not using an Open Source product has gone.
    All I want is a working WLS version for Linux development (with an appropriate license key of course). Even my BEA contacts in Switzerland aren't able to provide me with license keys.
  6. I run wls 6.1 sp2 on linux (slack 8.0) and I use the same star partner license my colegues use on the windows version. It works perfectly. I didn't try to download 7.0 so I cannot comment on that.
  7. We have been using BEA on Solaris and Windows for 3 years now, and although we have not had a need for Linux versions, I have only had good experiences with their support. I suppose it depends on whom you get. Our cases were handled quickly with BEA staff taking the initiative to gather the information they needed to answer our questions. Looking at their site right now, it looks as if wls6.1 is available to download for SUSA and RedHat editions. 7.0 is available for RedHat.
  8. I never got an answer from the BEA "support", regardless what I asked. Has anyone successfully installed WLS 7.0 for Red Hat ? It seems the file has a bad crc. Yesterday I wrote an email to the BEA "support" but no reaction, not even any kind of confirmation. BEA people in Switzerland told me that I'm registered with the "support" and that there should be never any problems again.
    I can't recommend such an expensive software for my customers if there's no support and you don't get the needed license keys.
    I think this is not a professional company.