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    I'M running Weblogic v6.1 and have a performance problem because of messages being written to weblogic.log. There is a severity level attached to each message but I don't see how I can control the severity threshold for this logfile.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try this link for more information:
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    Thanks but this does NOT solve the problem. The document describes filtering for the DOMAIN LOG, but this is not my
    problem. I need a way to control which messages are written
    to each servers LOCAL logfile (default: weblogic.log).

    Any more ideas???
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    Use the console to control this
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    We turned that off and implemented our own logging system that has levels that get logged to the console and database. You can also look into log4j to solve some of your issues. I guess the real question is why is this file getting so big that it is causing performance issues. Is there that much going on or are there that many errors?