New Struts Review Chapter 7 Posted: Struts View Components


News: New Struts Review Chapter 7 Posted: Struts View Components

  1. Struts Chapter 7 on 'Struts View Components' has been posted for review on TheServerSide. Chapter 7 introduces the components that make up the view portion of the Struts framework. The framework uses the view components to render dynamic content for the client. This chapter concludes the three-part discussion of how the Struts framework implements the MVC pattern.

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  2. well done!

    But where can I download the Storefront Example Application?


  3. I was going to include it with chapter 7, however I decided to wait until chapter 8. The problem is that custom tags are not discussed until chapter 8, and since I'm using custom tags in the example, I didn't want to throw the example out and confuse everyone.

    Chapter 8 should be done this week or next and I'll put the entire Storefront example out with that chapter. I know some wanted me to put it out with chapter 7, but I'm still tweaking the example and just didn't want to include it before it was cleaned up.

    I apologize to those that are waiting on it.

  4. Too Good.

    But is that posiible for getting the other chapters like Struts with EJB & Security in Your Struts Web Applications. If so when it will be available. And when will Indian Edition of the book will be available.

  5. I'm working on the rest of the chapters right now. Chapters 8 and 9 are just about finished and I'm starting on the next ones already (I usually have several going in various stages). Eventually, every chapter will be posted here for you to download.

    As far as publishing them in other languages, that's a question to put to O'Reilly. I'm not sure how they handle the various languages. I'm sure the first thing they are thinking is, let's get it published in one language and then we can focus on the rest after that :)

  6. This book is awesome and would definitely buy it when out in market.

    Just wanted to know when will chapter 8 be available for download. We are using custom tags and can't figure out how to extend struts tags to automize my own tags. We are in a time bound project and panicking currently.
  7. Chapter 8 is almost finished; hopefully within the next week. I'm struggling with it a bit because I didn't want to just repeat what's already available in the user's guide or API. Therefore, I've tried to give an introduction to the tags, and provide some best practices.

    Your questions might be better positioned for the mailing lists. Have you tried posting them? Also, it would be awesome if you could provide more information to me about the type of questions that you have for the tags. The last project that I was out provided some great extensions to the tags and I have some general ideas of what's needed. I would love to hear your perspective however.

    If you could, send some feedback to strutsbook_feedback at yahoo dot com and let me know what you would like to get from that chapter and I'll try to get it in there before releasing next week.

  8. Chuck,

       Thankyou for the response. I work for EDS in Ft Knox and we are planning on using struts as our frame work. We have some custom tags for our development and I want to get same functionality of Action form bean validation, Automatic population of form bean using custom tags and don't know where to start for this using struts. Hopefully your chapter would explain us how to achieve this.
  9. Hi

    can anyone give me the link for chapter 8 to download or send me the doc of chapter 8.

    thanks in advance

  10. can anyone help me?[ Go to top ]

    i can't get the 8,14,17,19.could anyone mail them to me?
  11. The download link seems to take one to the review page only.Am I missing something?Where can I download the sample chapter?