Sources Say Oracle Considering HP Middleware Buy


News: Sources Say Oracle Considering HP Middleware Buy

  1. Oracle is in discussions with Hewlett-Packard to buy its middleware assets, a move that could provide a much-needed boost to Oracle's application server business, industry sources said. Oracle's legal department has contacted HP and the deal is "very near the end," according to the HP source. The question is: what would they want with HP's appserver?

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  2. I have finally figured out Oracles app server strategy.

    You ready?

    They are going to buy every other app server in the marketplace. Then they can claim they have all the market share, _and_ the fastest server (whichever one that is).

    Otherwise, I think it's cool. I've liked what I've seen in HPAS, except for two things. Can be tough to use an IDE with it for debugging, and it seems to have some standards failures.
  3. I would agree with the statement that Oracle is only buing HPs Appserver to gain market dominance, and having tested and evaluated HP's appserver only strengthes that thesis:

    HP Appserver is THE worst appserver the market has to offer!
  4. Eje Thorarinsson writes:

    "HP Appserver is THE worst appserver the market has to offer!"

    Which version did you test, Eje? About version 7.3 of HPAS I can only concur, but HPAS 8.0 was MUCH better. Amazingly so.
  5. Yuck[ Go to top ]

    As someone who's followed Oracle through OAS, OWAS, & iAS I'm annoyed at the thought of another switch in technology. The media give Oracle much too much credit for *having* an Application Server when what they really have is a bundle of OEM'ed products stuck together with bubblegum, and supported rather poorly.

    If they don't prove that they can provide a solid and evolving platform they don't deserve to get out of the single digit marketshare.

    - Josha
  6. Currently, Oracle9iAS is oem'd from OrionServer. Just like Oracle JDeveloper is oem'd from Borland JBuilder. So, now Oracle finally has the chance to *own* an application server.

    Frankly, I like HPAS (formerly known as Bluestone), especially the FREE part. :) But I'm afraid Oracle might start charging for it after the purchase is completed. Just like they're charging big bucks for Oracle9iAS when OrionServer only cost $1500.
  7. Are you telling me that they didn't own JServ?


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
  8. Oracle licensed source code in 1997 that was gradually replaced with Oracle-written code through versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 of Oracle JDeveloper.

    Our latest Oracle9i JDeveloper (Production release 9.0.2 released in May 2002) is a total IDE rewrite in Java and is no longer related to any of the Borland code.

    Steve Muench
    JDeveloper Development Team
    Oracle Corp.
  9. And a very good IDE. I think the best out there. (I don't work for Oracle!)
  10. Oracle Jdev9i is a nice IDE. It's really snappy, compare to others. (Oracel Folks: By the way when r we getting EJB 2.0 suport, can't wait.)

    Keep the Java going
  11. Jay - Pramati Studio is another cool J2EE IDE with complete support for EJB 2.0. If you get a chance, try it out. Download at Priced < $1k.

  12. JServ was an Apache project[ Go to top ]

    JServ was an Apache project:
  13. Just like Oracle JDeveloper is oem'd from Borland JBuilder.

    Not any more. Still a good point, though ...

    [email protected]
  14. Yeah, I am waiting for EJB 2.0 support in jdeveloper 9i. That would make it the best IDE out there. (i have used JDeveloper, JBuilder, WebGain, and a few others)

  15. I would expect from Oracle, that RAC would work with an appserver in front...
    As far as we've tested that with Oracle consultant on board, RAC still does not work correctly even with Orion !

    Can some people from Oracle give me some news about that ?
  16. Oracle JDBC drivers are certified with RAC. Theres even a demo source that comes with 9iAs doc. We recently took part in a proof of concept that set up a complete HIAV architecture including two Solaris nodes with Oracle 9iAs J2EE container and a 9i Database Real Application Cluster (in two different Solaris nodes). We even used enterprise users for auditing purposes of the database access. What exact issues are you running into?