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                currently iam using j2ee to deploy my
    beans. is there any way to speed up
     the deployment process. coz it takes 16 min to deploy
    my beans. plz help me in speeding up
    my process.

               Also i ve another doubt in J2EE. if my
    ear(both war and jar) are deployed
    and while working, if i found any bugs in my jsp, then
    i go to the J2EE_Home/public_html/contextroot and
    correct the required jsp. so i can see to it working.
    and finally if all the bugs are fixed in the jsp, i
    can save it to my original directory.
    is there any way of working with servlets too. at
    present when ever i came across errors
    in servlets, i ve to correct it and deploy it again
    and again. since the deployment process
    takes much longer time, it takes a looong time to
    complete my work.

              plz kindly help me in quickening my process.

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi there,

    If you had a good OOAD application which implies UML, there should not be big problem to do such changes management.

    Firstly, the deployment of the J2EE application does not have a shortcut, its all depends on the hardware requirements plus the complexity of the codes. Also depends on network condition if you deployment spreads across domain.

    Secondly, to deploy the application nicely, you can create a working directory to stores the Beans, Web files as well as the deployment descriptors (where I always practice a structure working directories), then you can issue a ant dist to create the deployment package (depends on the build.xml on details), then use ant redeploy to hot deploy the application to the server (different servers might have different deployment methods), then it should works.

    Using certain IDE such as JBuilder or WebGain should speed things up as they might have good wizards to help you.

    All the best, adios!

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    Hello - hola ;-)
    Yeah, I heard of ant (I still have to test it), and seems to be a great solution.

    But for a quick solution...:

      * Your *.jsp can be modified in the deploying target directory, even without stop/starting the server. But be sure to save your changes to the original source, 'cause when you redeploy, you will step over your work.

      * For servlets, you can compile and hand-deploy the generated class/classes in that target dir.

    I think that this is a good practise developing/deploying your EJBs first and continue then working other tiers.

    I hope this is of your help. Be luck!

    J. Carlos Muro

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    still i dont get u ... where to place servlet classes ? what is hand -deploy ??

    plz be elobarate.