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    Hi there all,

    I am not quite sure what technology of J2EE should I use f I need a remote authorization override environment. For more xplanation, here is the scenario:

    1. Teller doing a transaction that requires a supervisor authorization, who is sitting far behind from the frontdesk.
    2. Supervisor desktop will prompt out a dialog box asking for authorization, then he/she should key in user id and password and either approve or reject the incoming authorization request with details.
    3. The teller will get notified whether the request has been approved or rejected. Should the application to disallow further action if the request returned was rejected.

    Please advise me on which area of Java technology in the J2EE environment should I explore.

    Many thanks!

  2. This is a stereotypical workflow scenario. JMS would work out really nice for this.

    The exact implementation would depend on a few things, like should the teller be forced to wait until the supervisor's authorization is completed, is this a web-based app vs. an application, etc.

    If this is an application setup and not web-based, I can see a really good RMI "callback chat service"-like solution.