New Article JAXP: Coding for Parser and Transformer Independence


News: New Article JAXP: Coding for Parser and Transformer Independence

  1. This introductory article will educate developers about the JAXP API, and provide them with a strong understanding of the pluggability layer that will allow their applications to switch between parsers at will. Two parsers: SAX (an event-based model) and DOM (a tree-walking model) are comparatively looked at. An overview of XSLT is also given.

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  2. Howdy,
    OK article, nothing really groundbreaking there. I like JAXP, use it all the time as a matter of good practice.

    The one thing that's annoyed me about JAXP is the amount of versions out there, especially for a product that's been around a relatively short time. There's 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, "the version with Java XML Pack Fall 01", "the version with Java XML Pack Winter 01", etc etc. What's up with that? ;)
  3. JAXP also seems to have a few functional holes.

    In one glaring example, there's no way to force validation of an XML document against an externally-specified DTD or Schema. The DTD or Schema reference has to be embedded in the document itself, which is sheer lunacy.
  4. If you use JAXP that comes with j2se1.4.0 you can validate using external DTD.
    Where on earth is the code for this article located? Do I have to browse the whole site to find?
  5. You can get an external DTD to be loaded by your XML doc by implementing the "EntityResolver" interface for SAX. Then, override "setEntityResolver" method and specify the URI in which your DTD lies. Return the location of your DTD as an "InputSource" object and then your parser will know to validate against this DTD.
    I used this technique when fishing out a DTD from a database as specified by an EJB parameter. I created a customized SAX parser that would validate against a DTD as specified by a user in a JSP page.

  6. If I remember well it is possible against an external DTD
    with the following code:

    public class SAXExample extends DefaultHandler {
    SAXParserFactory factory = SAXParserFactory.newInstance();
    SAXParser saxParser = factory.newSAXParser();

    DefaultHandler handler = new SAXExample();
    //Sybase code:
    //saxParser.parse( new File(argv[0]), handler);
    saxParser.parse(new InputSource(new File(argv[0]).toURL().toExternalForm()), handler);

  7. I could not find the source code from Sybase site. Henry, Could you please help me out?
  8. All,

    The source code for this article is available here:

    Edgar Tinio
    e-Business Division
    Sybase, Inc.
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