BEA and HP Announce Major Cross-Selling Partnership


News: BEA and HP Announce Major Cross-Selling Partnership

  1. BEA on Tuesday said HP will put its giant sales and services force behind BEA's Weblogic software products. The agreement will create teams of consultants from HP's services arm, the world's third largest, specially trained in BEA's products. HP will recommend BEA's WebLogic application server to its customers, and BEA will recommend HP as its preferred systems integrator.

    Read BEA Systems partners with HP.

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  2. This is _really_ going to annoy people who've already deployed on HPAS.....
  3. "This is _really_ going to annoy people who've already deployed on HPAS"

    really? I didn't think there were any! :-)

  4. I agree this will annoy HP-AS users.

    Is the HP-AS now definitely dead and gone from an HP perspective ? Has this been confirmed by HP ?

    I thought HP-AS aka BlueStone had a leading technology edge, albeit on a small Customer base.
  5. I don't know if HP-AS has any tech edge but in an increasingly two hourse race between BEA and IBM I doubt it matters.

  6. Speaking from experience, I think I can say that we should not read too much into these types of announcements. Both BEA and HP may SAY that they are "teaming up" to harvest "mutual synergies" to provide "world class solutions" etc etc, but I will believe it when I see it. Scott Adams tought us all a lesson or two on these types of corporate maneuvres ...

    However, the move does make me wonder about two crucial questions:
    - if HP is dumping it's "free-as-in-french-fries" appserver software business, what will this mean to existing HP customers? and what will it mean for the industry: cf. SUN announcing free appservers last week. Do these "free" appservers really exist? And if they exist, do they have a future. I personally think they don't, but I'd like to share some thoughts.
    - what is happening to BEA if the "market leaders" are publicly acknowledging that they no longer have the critical mass (in terms of business development and sales force) to stay on top of their own business? Will one of the leading (in all possible ways) Java companies be able to stand its ground against the mammoths of IBM, SUN, Oracle and ...M$? I personally feel that they are in for a rocky ride - hope their technology can see it through somehow ...

  7. I believe that BEA announcing a relationship with a hardware vendor like HP is important to BEA. One difference IBM can offer over BEA today is one stop shopping for the web server, apps server, database, and hardware. BEA is now one step closer with an alliance with HP. Of course, as the previous replier mentioned, it will all depend what happens in practice.

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  8. I work for a small consultancy and we partner with BEA to provide system integration services. It looks like our lives just got a whole lot more complicated. We used to be the go to guys for BEA locally. That now looks in jeopardy...
  9. We used to be the go to guys for BEA locally. That now looks

    >in jeopardy...

    I would not worry too much. HP consultants also have to go to somebody who can get the job done ;-)

  10. I think this is a necessary counter measure for both BEA & HP against Sun's move to give away/bundle their J2EE server.
  11. BEA and HP are like twin brothers since each company is known for using the principle of 'worse but cheaper'. No wonder they found each other among plenty of other companies. And maybe tomorrow both of them will become one big 'worse but cheaper' juggernaut and HP will include a single server edition of Weblogic on each of its sold stinking PC's.
  12. what animosity!

    did you just get fired from HP?
  13. Yea, I don't understand this animosity either...

    I'm not affiliated with BEA in any way but from my experience of using their products (and other companies' also) I can say that I like BEA most so far. Have you ever had Sun or IBM calling you back within two hours of opening a trouble ticket with them? And then spanding one hour on the phone with you solving a problem and explaining the internal workings of their server?

    I think BEA's WLS is one of the most robust and mature products on the App Server market today and I'm glad they will have an opportunity to expose even more users to it.