Manning's Bitter Java J2EE Antipatterns Book PDF Posted on TSS


News: Manning's Bitter Java J2EE Antipatterns Book PDF Posted on TSS

  1. TheServerSide and Manning Publications are pleased to bring you Bruce Tate's "Bitter Java" book, for free download in PDF form. Bitter Java recently reached the #9 position on all of The book takes a look at common J2EE programming and design mistakes, explaining the problems and the solutions. Antipatterns explored include Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, network topology, caching, and more.

    Get Bitter Java.

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  2. is getting better and better. Thank you very much.
  3. hi. i was trying to download bitter java but somehow i got the 404 error message. may i ask anyone who donwloaded a copy to please send me one? thank you.

    revangelista[email protected]
  4. Could anyone please send me the pdf of this book to [email protected]
  5. Was waiting for book on J2EE Antipatterns, and here it is. Congrats Bruce !
    Once again good work done by Manning & Serverside.
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    This has got to be one of the most irritating books I have read in a long time. Not only is the information in this book two years late, badly mis-aimed (it is a _beginners_ book, not an _intermediate_ book) but it is simply a cheek - it is just the reverse of the other books. The patterns books say "do this because", this book says the same thing in reverse "don't do this because".

    And it uses Vectors. Vectors for heaven's sake!
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    Do you have the book.
    I need link for same/ or if you can mail me.
  8. I really like the style of writing in this book.
    A lot of tech books put me to sleep every other page, but
    Bitter Java is engaging, and has information on real world issues.
  9. I've begun to think that this book should be required reading for J2EE developers. This is possibly the only technical book I've ever read all in one sitting. Good stuff.

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    Hello there, Can you please send me the PDF of Bitter Java
    my email id is gaurav dot gagrani at gmail dot com
    Thanks in advance
  11. What can I say, once again TSS lives up to what it really is , a relentless credit to Java J2EE. It is this lot that make J2EE what it is today. I hope that we the fortunate beneficiaries never forget this fact and contribute whatever we can to keep TSS alive.

    Thanks guys.
  12. Many thanks,
    You are the best.

    -Alireza Taherkordi
  13. I read the chapter that was made available early on when the book was first released. It is useful and enjoyable read. I am looking forward to reading the whole book. Thank you Bruce, Manning, theserverside.
  14. Bought it already. :) But thanks. I agree, it should be a prerequisite for J2EE development.

  15. Really interesting!
    The descruction part is perfect but misses the proposal!
    I know there is a lot of books that discuss this stuff.
    I think it's better complete with a suggested pattern.
  16. Great stuff. I've seen so many of these anti-patterns recently, it's nice to see them analysed and refactoring solutions proposed.

    Thanks to Manning.
  17. Started reading it. Good book. Just don't take everything as gospel. :) Found at least one thing to somewhat disagree with and one thing that, well, was the wrong technology. I know, picky, picky. That is all fine for those who can interpet but for those who are less informed, like managers :), they may need a little help.
  18. The astute reader will know that this book has acutally been available here for over a week...
  19. ggggggggg

  20. I must say that the book is probably one of the most
    readable Java related books that I have come across
    in some time.

    Made me think about some Tony Robbins material that
    sort of said the only way to avoid making mistakes is to
    have wisdom. But gaining wisdom only comes from making
    mistakes! Heres to making mistakes and learning from
    them. Hopefully the mistakes are someone elses.

    Cudos to Bruce Tate. It makes a wonderful companion
    to Sun's Core J2EE Patters book (IMHO).


  21. Went out and purchased it. Great idea to expose this book to readers in this manner.
  22. Even though I am not an J2EE guy (a big .NET fan), I just constantly come here to get great ideas and gread books.
  23. First, let me say I appreciate anyone that takes the effort to write a book (particularly a technical book). I'm just now starting Chapter 3, and am enjoying the book so far.

    I thought I would make comments along the way to stir up debate, rather than wait to the end.

    I ran into the first item I totally disagreed with. The author (Bruce) claims that using "cut and paste" leads to "more error prone" code. I actually believe the opposite. With Java, obviously one would first attempt to abstract common occuring code, but then you are left with some reoccuring themes\code blocks (i.e. Design Patterns). If I'm setting up session EJB facade for a use case, why wouldn't I want to start from the basic shell of code than from scratch. Isn't that what tools like Rational do with code generation? XDoclet? Of course, as the author points out, you have to understand the context you are in, but isn't that part of being a programmer? I would rely on IDE code completion instead of memorizing method signatures. I would rely on abstraction, examples and code shells while cutting code. I think all of it makes me a more efficient programmer, and gives me a jump start with proven, tested code.

    What are other's opinions? Maybe I missed Bruce's point.


    PS: By the way, a "Post Preview" would be an excellent TSS feature. :)
  24. I like the book a lot. I really appreciate being able to read it online, too.

    One thing that I wish would have been studied more was the notion of how a lack of deliberation/design/leadership leads to anti-patterns.

    The book does mention XP but to me XP seems more coding oriented and less deliberation/design oriented. OTOH, RUP, for example, seems too process oriented.

    I firmly believe that anti-patterns arise from poor/no up front work.

    As for where curly braces go, who cares?

    Good book.
  25. Sartoris,

    "I firmly believe that anti-patterns arise from poor/no up front work."

    It's ironic you posted that today. I just had the thought today, that given the dynamic nature of J2EE related technology (moving target), that your "proprosed" up front work has to be "checked" on a regular interval. We talk about refactoring code, but maybe you need to refactor your "project framework" decisions on occasion also. Obviously many decisions would cost to much to abandon, but some could prove to be cost effective in the long run. For example, say you had created your first J2EE project using CMP entity beans. Maybe you then come to realize JDO is a better choice. If you never apply that "project checkup", you could find your code base dated very quickly. I would like to see mechanisms on projects where developers could challenge previous decisions. Some challenges could be opposed right out of the gate by management because of deadlines or budget. In other cases management would allow the developer time to build and support their case and maybe bring to the team to discuss. Team members would be much more motivated to keep up with technology if they thought the effort would be worthwhile on their current project. I have been on too many projects where it was pointless to bring "better methods" to management, because "oh, we already decided that". JMO.


  26. By the way, my comment above is not the same as saying you should chase every buzzword or hype of the moment. I'm just suggesting that sometimes, something "important enough" will come along which should definitely be applied from that point forward in your shop, and maybe also be worth refactoring an existing application. Why are we coding at all of these layers if you don't plan on rewriting one of them every now and then. :)
  27. I think it was Scott Myers who wrote (Effective C++ or More Effective C++) that we should write for the future tense. That is, expect things to change and desing/ write code that adapts easily to change.
    The most frustrating thing for me is that no matter where I am contracting/working there is never any respect for deliberation. Lack of time is always the excuse. Anti-patterns are a symptom of poor design.
  28. "The most frustrating thing for me is that no matter where I am contracting/working there is never any respect for deliberation."

    I think you and I have had the same contracts, just in different cities. :) That was my point about needing "regular checks" or as you would say, "regular deliberation". You can't run a project by committee (someone always has to make the final decision), but you certainly could and should set up a mechanism for regular review. These reviews would allow a forum to introduce new proposed solutions and techniques, and also allow challenges to previous decisions. I would go so far as to document the process (maybe internal project website) so that if the same challenge is raised in the future, you have a record of the basis of prior decisions. This would safeguard against those "young genius managers" that already know everything about software development because they learned it in college and was an analyst on 1 project. :) My apologies to the young genius managers that "DO" already know everything.

  29. Have you ever had any success in convincing others of the need for deliberation and design? Maybe I don't present the case very well but I'm never successful. I think the idea is something that comes through self-discovery.

    Heck, at my current contract I can't even get them to buy even $150 UML tools!
  30. anyone knows where the link to the book is .. so is the link to book java - xml gone ...
    any help
  31. Anybody have a link for Bitter Java that works? It's still 404 not found.

    I didn't see any posting that said they'd taken it off. Any idea who to contact to determine the state?

    [email protected]
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  40. Not able to download the PDF file. Getting "Error 404" page. Any other alternate link to this PDF file?
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  42. This link is still broken, any chance of someone emailing the PDF to stanclowes at yahoo dot co dot uk
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  43. Anybody know the correct link? Was the book taken off for a reason?
  44. I am not able to download the PDF file.

    Would anyone kindly email it to me at: [email protected]
  45. Guys,

      I deeply apologize for this but Manning asked us to remove the books due to concerns that this download was hurting sales.

      I can't help you guys with copies unfortunately...

    Floyd Marinescu
    Director of
  46. Should any reader have this softcopy, kindly email to
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  49. I would appreciate anybody mailing me the soft copy of the book.

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  50. That's great, but:

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    I will be grateful if anybody could mail me PDF copy "Bitter java" in this address sandeepghosh_73 at rediffmail dot com.
  53. Hi Friends,
    I will be grateful if anybody could mail me PDF copy "Bitter java" in this address sandeepghosh_73 at rediffmail dot com.
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    you can find a copy of this book at:

    i would recommend using wget or some other download agent directly - if you use ie/mozilla or other browser capable of viewing pdf docs inline, it may appear to have hung... the server seems to be a bit slooow.
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    I fear that it is a good marketing strategy adopted by Manning to increase the sale of their book !
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