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    Hi all,

       Dou you think the performance of Struts is good? and the scalability? How many people use it in production environmnts?
       I´d appreciate your comments.

       Thank you

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    Struts, like almost anything, will perform very well when well designed. Make sure you take the time to learn it well (read the struts book that Chuck Cavanasse(sorry if I spelled that wrong) is writing). But I/we use it production and like it quite a bit.

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    I agree completely with Jason. The Struts framework is no slower or faster than any other analogous web-tier framework. Some people have reported performance problems with the tag libraries, when you start to have around 40-50 per page. This is mostly a container implementation issue (or maybe a design one), than a JSP custom tag one. However, as far as the framework itself, I know of no huge issues with performance.

    I've done quite a bit of performance testing with Struts at my last position and Struts was never part of the problem or a bottleneck. The problems were always further back in the application server layer, which I would believe is most often the case.

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    as a PS to this.

    One thing you should do if you've got big pages with lots of tags is to use Tag caching. A lot of servers support that feature, and it speeds things up nicely.

    On further note, if you turn on caching, make sure that any of your own tags a developed for reuse!

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    There is a nice server independend caching tag library called OSCache. Check out OpenSymphony's Site.
    The API can significantly inrease the performance of your JSP Applikation.

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    I've developed mid-size production deployed j2ee application about year ago, the entire presentation tier was built using struts/jsp, i found it very easy learn and use, i used the tool Camino to learn and develop the struts application. Performance and Scalability they are hard to measure in the presentation tier? the methods Struts wraps like iteration through a collection,etc.. are pretty easy, its just a framework that follows MVC, which really helps in applying(forcing it!) good design to your system.

    This often overlooked tool was great.

    Nitro Struts IDE is what i currently use.

    Jeryl Cook
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