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    Hello friends there,

    In order to run my servlets, I am using Java Web Server.
    But I don't know what happened suddenly when I started my
    JWS from the dos prompt by typing as "D:\Jws1.3bin\httpd.exe",it said that program D:\Jws1.3\bin\..\jre\bin\jre.exe exited with code 1.and I was unable to start the JWS.

    Also, when I tried to compile the servlet, it throwed several errors saying that package javax.servlet not found (The Classpath is correct).
    I have given the classpath correctly.
    Can anyone tell me when everything is right, why is the server not starting.

    Please help.


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    I reason that Java Web Server is not able to start is that it was not shut down properly.So some processes might be running in the back ground...
    Just kill the jrew*.* process if it is running.Press Control + Alt + Delete . go into task manager services...

    The problem it is giving in class path is that it is not able to find the jar file in which servlet package is there.Add that into class path......

    Atul Kumar
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       hi nitin i too faced this.may be the server was not properly shut ctrl+alt+del go to task manager,choose jrew/jserv and end task them and then try.
       regarding classpath include $home$\lib\servlet.jar;to ur classpath and try,this should work.
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    thanks that solved my problem too and cleared few doubts