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    I' would like to learn weblogic and i have some questions:
    1. Weblogic works with CVS ?
    2. Weblogic have a unit testing (like junit) ?
    3. Weblogic has a Apache plugin ?
    4. Weblogic supports EJB 2.0 ?

  2. Hi Florin,

    1. CVS is independent from any middleware or application. CVS basically puts your files in a repository. They can be graphics, word-documents or java-sourcefiles - whatever you want. In other words: yes, it "works" with WebLogic.

    2. Unit testing is also not connected to any middleware or other technology. With JUnit you can create a "testsuite" that tests your code. If it accesses EJBs or Servlets or anything else - that's all up to you.
    Btw: There are some tools out there that will help you create J2EE related testsuites. Check out sourceforge.net and jakarta.apache.org.

    3. What do you mean "Apache plugin"?

    4. Yep, the latest version supports EJB 2.0. Check out the "Resources" section of theserverside.com and you'll find more info on that. I recommend "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Second Edition" by Ed Roman. There are also a few WebLogic books out there, check out amazon.com...

  3. With regards to question 3, I think you mean an apache module so you can use the web apps container plugged directly into Apache handing off the requests correctly, answer is there is one for IIS, iPlanet (formally NES) and Apache, see http://edocs.bea.com/wls/docs70/plugins/overview.html#1032416