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      i am new user to EJB .i have been using EJB with Servlets.can anyone please tell me how do u call a EJB from JSP.And also settings ,if any required in the weblogic properties file.

    thank u

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    Hi Shubhangi
       U can call EJBs the same way as u do in servlets or better still wrap them in beans and use methods of beans to fire ur remote methods.
       As far as settings in weblogic.properties file is concerned...just uncomment the JSP servlet registration ( i guess u must have already done it ) and then deploy the bean..using weblogic.ejb.deploy=something.jar....
       I hope this helps.
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    Generally it is better not to call ur EJB directly from the JSP page , It will be better if u use a normal Java Bean to make a call to EJB . Or else a better but complicated approach is to call the EJB through the custom Tags in ur JSP.