J2EE Management, Application Deployment Final Specs Released


News: J2EE Management, Application Deployment Final Specs Released

  1. The final release of the JSR 77, the J2EE Management specification; and JSR 88, the J2EE Application Deployment specification are available for download. The Management spec provides server vendors and tool vendors with a model for managing J2EE via standardized JMX objects. The Application Deployment spec allows any tool to deploy J2EE applications to any J2EE server in a standard way.

    Check out JSR 88: J2EE Application Deployment.

    Check out JSR 77: J2EE Management Specification.
  2. Hi people!

    I'm reading the JavaTM 2 Enterprise Edition Deployment API
    Specification, Version 1.0.

    Reading it, i think that the provider specific deployment descriptor is going to disappear. Don't you??.

  3. No, I think that SUN want give the specifics to define a standard to generate automatically a deployment descriptor, but doesn't disapper
  4. Of course, the key here is that you can deploy any J2EE app. It doesn't solve or attempt to solve redeployment issues (which is a more key problem operationally if you ask me). There is a later spec/JSR looking at that.
  5. don't understand why cannot redeploy? if it can deploy at first time.

    I am quite interested in the deployment to any App Server. Because we are seeking for such IDE or tools.
  6. Hi,

    Take a look at Pramati Studio 3.0 www.pramati.com which can deploy on a variety of servers with a single code base. Deployment descriptors need not be written for the target servers - they are generated on the fly by the IDE. Pramati Studio is a fully compliant J2EE 1.3 IDE with a range of tools from code generation wizards and development tools to debuggers for J2EE development.