Intro to Java Message Service 1.1 Posted on TheServerSide


News: Intro to Java Message Service 1.1 Posted on TheServerSide

  1. A new article, by Ashnasoft's Imtiyaz Haque, "Intro to Java Message Service 1.1", has been posted. The enhancements in JMS 1.1 include the unification of the Pub/Sub and PTP domains under a common programming and transactional model. This article illustrates the new features of the JMS 1.1 API, which are demonstrated through a sample application.

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  2. For an example of a higher-level use of JMS in the context of a long-running business transaction (business process), see Scenario Beans:

  3. Better than just for a try, you can get and use a JMS 1.1 implementation for free thanks to the Objectweb's JORAM server.

    Have a look at
    The announcement on server side is still there:
  4. That's a real useful article for programmers to get a head start on jms1.1.This article which is written by the Ashnasoft (The makers of fast and reliable messaging system)guys gives you an indepth look at the jms1.1 api.I Thank ServerSide for a real interesting article.