[Q] Problem when connecting Tomcat JSP engine to Weblogic .


EJB programming & troubleshooting: [Q] Problem when connecting Tomcat JSP engine to Weblogic .

  1. @ My System is like this:
    JSP engine : tomcat 4.0 (OS - Linux)
    EJB engine : Weblogic 6.1 with Servicepack 2
                 (OS - MS Windows NT)

    @ Background
    I have a "a.jsp" at Tomcat Servlet Engine.
    This JSP use EJB componet which is deployed at Weblogic EJB
    container. I could get the instance of Remote Interface
    without any errors. But When I execute a method at "a.jsp"
    resides Tomcat side (which is implemented in a EJB) with
    the instance of 'User Defined Class' as a parameter(this
    parameter is not Serializable),
    this parameter recived at WebLogic side without any errors.
    (I check that out with observing the value of the
     parameter's member)
    As usual, if I alter the value of the parameter it is
    refleted to the instance which is in "a.jsp". But it did
    not work for my case.(I think this is because EJB and JSP
    engine are not in a same JVM)
    I really wanna know how to handle this situation.
    I would like to send an instance as a parameter and after
    the call of method, I wanna use the altered instance which
    the ejb method handled with. (I use the word "instance"
    for "a" at -String a = "abc";-)

    @ Questions
    1. I used to call the method of an EJB which is depolyed at
       Weblogic with the paramether which is not implemented
       with java.io.Serializable interface. I am sure that
       Tomcat use the method, writeObject, when it sends the
       parameters to Weblogic EJB Container. But how could this
       parameter be sent to Weblogic.
       I am wondering this. I guess there must be
       NotSerializableException. (Does Tomcat use any
       mechanisms to send this kind of parameter out??)

    2. As I mentioned above, I wanna use the parameter as a
       return value. What is this mean that I want to hand over
       an object to a method of EJB as a parameter, after the
       EJB method setting some values or changing some of the
       object's values, I wanna refer this altered object at
       Tomcat side.
       How can I do this?
  2. Had problems in WLS 6.1sp2, but works fine in WLS 7.0.
  3. Oops, ignore my previous response.