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    I don't know if this is the right forum for posting this question.
    We are developing a intranet site using JSP. Our web server is JRun.
    We have a cascading style sheet that all our pages use.
    Our problem is Netscape (version 4.7) frequently dumps the style sheet contents on to the browser window. Refreshing the window takes away the problem or brings it back on! :(
    We don't see this behaviour with Internet Explorer.
    Is this a bug in Netscape or are we getting something wrong?
    Can anyone respond? Thanks for your time.


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    I think so ... I have seen it sometimes in our project also.
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    If this is the same problem I had to deal with 3 jobs ago (my, how time flies), this manifested itself only in Netscape 4.x, when the styles were linked from a separate file, and only on a fast connection.

    We "solved" the problem by including the body of the CSS file directly in the generated HTML file for Netscape 4.x (while continuing to use the link tag for other browsers). This meant, of course, that the style sheet needed to down-load for every page, but that was the only work-around that seemed to work.