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    I create one stateless Session Bean with transaction-type Bean. In my business method i am calling one helper class method where i am using UserTransaction. But container is throwing exception that current thread is already associated with some transaction whose name is my EJB business method name. Where might be the mistake?
    Application server is weblogic 6.1
    Any help is appriciated.

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    I think u r trying to define new tranaction(in the helper class) on a thread that is alreading participating a transation(that is container managed) May this is the problem.. I am not sure abt this
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    But my EJB has transaction-type 'bean'. so it should'nt start any transaction.
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      Check for your transactin ISOLATION level. I think, if its a mendetory then the container will use the same trans. context. So, keep it with REQUIRED and try again.