OpenAdaptor for EAI: Java/XML-Based Business System Integration


News: OpenAdaptor for EAI: Java/XML-Based Business System Integration

  1. openadaptor is a 100% Java/XML-based software platform for EAI, providing many ready-built interface components for JMS, Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL Server, TIBCO, and XML. openadopter automates much of the custom coding required for system integration by providing developers with a set of standard connectors, which can link systems-to-systems or systems-to-middleware.

    Download openadaptor here
  2. I've been testing this on a project, and can say that I've found it to be quite a capable piece of software. I don't need the TIBCO bridges, but the legacy mappings (delimited, fixed width) and XML mappings have been very useful. Amazingly, it even has a GUI for managing your mapping configuration. If you are looking for a tool to use for this type of task, its worth a look.
  3. OpenAdaptor is an excellent framework for Java based integration, it allows very quick modelling and finally implementation of common integration problems. It not only provides an adaptor framework but also a basic data modelling framework through its DataObjects.

    Also worth looking at if you're in banking is Century 24's Integration Objects, C24-IO can generate OpenAdaptor 1.4 DataObjects as a deployment option. C24's Integration Objects can thus take full advantage of OpenAdaptor's connectivity as well as C24's rich data models. "IO" is a code generator similar to the like of Castor however it was designed around the needs of the Financial Services market rather than the generic Java community. C24's have full support for:-

    FIX 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2
    FpML 1.0 and 2.0
    Oasys Global, OG Direct, OMGEO & CTM
    FIX 4.3 (Allocations)
    ISO 7775 (Payments, Treasury, Securities & Trade Finance)
    SMPG/ISITC Market Best Practice conventions and bilateral extensions
    ISO 15022 (Nov 2001 and 2002)

    The latter being the most popular at the moment.

    In the interests of fairness I must declare that I'm a director of C24 (I'm sure you would never have guessed). I am however currently in the process of promoting OpenAdaptor in a large European bank so I give it my total support!

    -John Davies-
    Century 24 Solutions
  4. EAI using livereport[ Go to top ]

    It is interesting how persistent the EAI movement is, with some really impressive looking solutions at the moment.

    I too will first come clean about my credentials, by saying that I work at Isocra, the company behind livereport.

    livereport allows real-time integration between a variety of sources. Basically livereport allows you to monitor changes to your business objects automatically (ie with no code) and push change messages out to interested parties.

    livereport has a number of adaptors, including one for JDBC, which detects changes happening to your business objects in real time.

    As a livereport administrator, you are able to define which attributes on which objects you are interested in, in an easy to use XML format, or using our "studio" GUI report builder.

    For more details, or to request a download, please see the product pages on our website at

    George Brisco
  5. OpenAdaptor is a surprisingly handy piece of kit - it saves a lot of hassle in messaging. Particularly useful in the oft-overlooked cases when things go wrong, with solid message hospital provision.
  6. Does anybody have experience using OpenAdaptor with Collaxa's orchestration server?

    It seems that both products should work well together since Collaxa WSOS can orchestrate any Java, JMS and XML Web Service components.

  7. How well does this framework integrate with a J2EE environment, considering that OpenAdaptor components work with threads. Surely this would mean that these components could not be called from EJB, since the EJB spec prohibits the use of threading?