Apache Announces Avalon-Phoenix 4.0 Beta


News: Apache Announces Avalon-Phoenix 4.0 Beta

  1. Apache Announces Avalon-Phoenix 4.0 Beta (3 messages)

    Committers from Apache's Avalon project are pleased to announce that Avalon-Phoenix 4.0 has reached beta. This release adds JMX capability via an embedded MX4J application.

    See the Phoenix homepage.

    More Info

    Phoenix is a server of servers. Phoenix is a micro kernel for Java components. Phoenix is 'Avalon Container Enterprise Edition'. Phoenix is not an EJB server. Phoenix does not provide RPC capability out of the box, thus is not a replacement for an EJB server. Phoenix mounts applications distributed in SAR format (like EAR in a way). Phoenix has a JMX management application (MX4J) via port 8082. Phoenix likes components that implement all, some or none of the interfaces from the Avalon-Framework project.


    Does Phoenix compete with EJB? Not really. You could build an EJB server on top of Phoenix.

    What uses Phoenix? Numerous Apps

    What can be used to help build apps? Avalon-Cornerstone

    Where are we trying to go? Well, we are interested in seeing many servers mountable as components inside Phoenix. That includes standards like FTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, Echo, Finger, HTTP, SSH, EJB, CORBA, JMS and OGG servers (multiple implementations).

    Terms: Avalon is a collection of projects, it is not a product. Avalon-Framework is a set of interfaces and abstractions. Avalon-Phoenix is a container for server apps. Avalon-Excalibur is a set of reusable tools in jar form, not exlusively for server-side Java. Avalon-Cornerstone is a set of reusable comps for Phoenix. Avalon-Logkit is logger design for Avalon projects (though it is not mandatory).
  2. Great work Guys !! ,

    I started using phoenix ( Avalon Framework) couple of months back. At first though i struggled to understand the concept , It proved very useful to me..
    Now I cant think building application other than Component oriented Programming (COP)(Avalonizing ) :). Truly amazing framework ....

    thanks to all the members of Avalon Team ( framework, phoneix, cornerstone,apps, excalibur......)

  3. How can I taking advantage of Avalon framework or Phoenix container if I build a web application using Struts and OJB? The document on the Avalon website talk about component-oriented programming and all that but I don't see a concrete example where it shows me how to use it a web environment?

  4. they have sister project called Turbine for webdevelopment, they are yet to port Turbine in to avalon ( guess so).