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    Do you know what is maxPermSize? I have read few articles and they suggested to increase the number if you have a huge number of classes in your application. My question is are they talking about "huge number of UNIQUE classes" or "huge number of loaded classes(w/wo dupe)".

    If they are talking about "huge number of UNIQUE classes", then I don't understand why I encountered an outofmemoryError when I run a load test. I created a load script that would ONLY hit several pages of my application repeatly. However, after a period of time, I encounter this error.

    [Full GC 45168K->45167K(57344K), 1.0896013 secs]
    Thu Aug 15 16:29:39 EDT 2002:<E> <ServletContext-General> Servlet failed with Exception

    From this exception, you can see that after the full GC, I should have around 57M of heap available. Why?


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    This page is good for explaing the GC algorithm:

    Perhaps you are out of perm space and should try to increase it?

    These are tough, good luck.

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    I overlooked at the GC. Actually, I ran out of heap size since after the Full GC.