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News: Announcing Evolution J2EE Hosting Service

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    Evolution Hosting is a J2EE specific hosting provider. Developers can remotely deploy WAR/EAR files, start/shutdown servers, view logs, update server properties, and manage databases from a single location. Evolution recently announced the addition of BEA's Weblogic 6.1 and Jive Software's Jive Forums. Evolution also supports Orion 1.5.4, Oracle 9iAS, and Tomcat 4.

    Visit Evolution Hosting. A free trial is also available.

  2. And what is a difference between this and ?

    Thank you,
     Dmitry Namiot
  3. Either they are the same company (my guess) or they've copied's sign-up page *exactly* and just changed the style sheet.

  4. If they are the same company, at least they picked a better domain name this time around. :)

    Very cool to see this kind of thing taking off.

    - Randy
  5. Evolution Hosting is a new brand from the creators of Ejip.Net (Enterprise Java Internet Provider). Both brands run on the same underlying technology and offer automated J2EE hosting services.

    Evolution differs from Ejip.Net in that it also offers the underlying hosting technology as a product to organizations interested in automating internal hosting processes.

    In the future, Evolution and Ejip.Net will be used to offer different products. JBoss, for instance, is being considered as a new offering to Evolution subscribers...
  6. What about Resin?