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    I am having a debate with Oracle to bring the advantages of Apache based HTTP server over plug-in option for MS IIS. I want to check with the forum how much IIS contributes to the J2EE architecuture apart from activing as proxy in web-tier.

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    IIS and Apache will both do the same thing. They are both going to proxy requests to the J2EE server. As far as I know, neither has any inherent advantage over the other in performing this task.

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    I just came to know that Oracle HTTP Server (OHS, based on Apache code) does Servlets/JSP in the app-tier while plug-in in web-tier simply proxies the HTTP/HTTPS requests to backend. Other requests for FTP, NNTP, ASP pages et c from other applications will be handled by IIS.
    Thus, Oracle 9iAS provides a co-existance scenario in web-tier if organiziations have already deployed IIS in the web-tier. However, this increases support efforts due to plug-in, an addtional component in the architecture for a potenial risk.