Are any major companies using Tomcat or Jetty in production?


News: Are any major companies using Tomcat or Jetty in production?

  1. A discussion has erupted on about using free servers such as Tomcat or Jetty instead of commercial servers. The author wants to know if any one at a major institution is using these products in production, so that he can justify using them to his manager.

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  2. You forget, I think, that many professional products ship with Tomcat. Take Borland Enterprise Server for example. It ships with Tomcat as its prime JSP engine. I believe JBoss does as well.

    To answer the question, small companies and other agencies that cannot afford the higher price tools definitely will go for the free products. Some large companies will also go for them for the same reason.
  3. I think the WebSphere 4 ships with Jasper as its JSP translator. I could be wrong, but I remember seeing some org.apache.jasper... message in WebSphere log files.
  4. I've just finished a project for one of the largest government agencies in the US that runs on Tomcat (can't say wich agency though).

  5. <quote>
    I've just finished a project for one of the largest government agencies in the US that runs on Tomcat (can't say wich agency though).

    Why can't you say? You were paid for that with my tax dollars. Knowing which servlet runner a government agency is using hardly counts as classified information.
  6. Guys,
    I'm looking for a development platform for web applications. My primary choice is OC4J as I have been using OC4J for a while and I love this. But I feel I may be missing something that other servers have to offer as I've not used Jetty or JRun or latest versions of Weblogic 7.0 or Websphere 4.0 ? Does any body know whether OC4J 9.0.2/9.0.3 lacks any features than Tomcat or Jetty or BEA or Websphere or JRun ? One of my friend was telling OC4J is fully compatible with Tomcat. Does any of the other products may have some nifty features (not Admin tools) that I may be missing.

    thanks for your input

  7. Does any body know whether OC4J 9.0.2/9.0.3 lacks any >features than Tomcat or Jetty or BEA...

    OC4J is basically Orion. Oracle is forced to provide its BC4J (biz components for java) as a patch for Orion's lack of features. This architecture is inferior to WebLogic since BC4J is a layer application-level design patterns that have the drawback of increasing the amount of code and complexity that must be dealt with and supported.(This is a big deal since reducing code and complexity is the main benefit provided by app servers.)

    WebLogic on the other hand addresses many of the same issues as the BC4J patterns but within the app server and the EJB container. For example, WebLogic optimizes access to read-only data via read-only ( and read-mostly) EJB's with built-in cluster-wide caching. Whereas Oracle's only solution is the non-ejb "fast-lane reader" pattern.

    Besides many other appserver-level advantages, WebLogic has superior technology and tooling for Web-Services, a better portal, and hands-down technical leadership in J2EECA/XML-based integration.


  8. Herrin,

    I'd love to tall you all about it, but it's not worth losing my job over. Why don't you write a letter to your local congress-critter? As for classification, your dollars also pay for the CIA/NSA/NRO and you don't really think those agencies are going to tell you all that much about their information systems do you?

    Why don't you call the Air Force and ask them for a cockpit tour of the B2? You paid for that too.

  9. Newt is right. I was in the AF and had a TS clearance. Somethings you will never know and we can never tell. Join the military or work for the government if you want to know (BTW - it ain't worth it).

    Anyway the good ole' government sees it as their money not yours. In fact all your money and property and time and family memembers and animals are theirs. They are just nice enough to let you keep a bit of it. For now.
  10. I believe, iplanet also uses Jasper. Don't remember the version though.
  11. iPlanet 6.0 SP3 was using Jasper and I assume 6.5 does also.
  12. Your points are valid but JBoss is not a major product and therefore should not be used to help support your statement.
  13. Your points are valid but JBoss is not a major

    >product and therefore should not be used to help
    >support your statement.

    With over 150,000 downloads per month, JBoss is a major product. Furthermore, the Tomcat integration into JBoss is not a mere superficial redistribution of Tomcat. The JBoss people made some major changes in the way web applications are deployed and the product is tightly integerated with JBoss.
  14. People use JBoss just for fun or learning something from it.
  15. <quote>
    People use JBoss just for fun or learning something from it.

    What is that exactly supposed to mean? Are you saying the people only use JBoss to tinker with and nobody is using it in a production environment? If so, what evidence to you have of this?
  16. I know that Software AG, one of Germanies largest ISP's, uses Tomcat as the jsp-engine for a webshop solution they sell.

    A fromer co-worker of mine now works at a company which develops Project Management software, they are also deploying their software on Tomcat.

  17. Computer Associates uses Tomcat as the engine to drive their Enterprise Portal solution :-)
  18. I read from some postings in javalobby, that Tomcat is relatively slow, compared to, say jrun, jetty, etc. I believe the key here is in configuring tomcat properly. Is there any good site that gives this tip?

  19. Tomcat is OK.

    Resin is open source (kind of ... not free and free but free and cost) and it really rocks.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
  20. We have implemented a solution running on Jetty for our customer. The usage differ from most implementation as the Jetty server (both http and servlet container) is embedded into our solution and runs off the client PC. It's running very well.
  21. I have architected a commercial shipping product based on Tomcat and JBOSS.

  22. We've deloped a product for the funds industry that not only uses Tomcat, but also other open-source products such as Castor, Tyrex, JDOM, OpenJMS, ...

    Talking to major financial institutions in Europe, they do not seem to bother about the open-source factor. During a recent technical audit by a customer, they even pointed this out as a positive characteristic. Wer'e now negotiating a world-wide license with full integration into their products.

    And in many situtations, having access to the source-code proved very beneficial.
  23. Indeed we are. We are a European telco (gsm operator) and have a system for short message distribution. This business critical system uses Jetty as the http listener, the rest is plain Java.



  24. You should not be surpise to hear that one of the global Fortune 100 company got Tomcat on production for some of thier custom manufacturing solutions.
  25. We've just finished a project for one of the major retail companies, with WebSphere 3.5 as application server and Apache/Tomcat as Web server. Runs fine in the production environment.

  26. As far as I know T-Online, I guess it is the biggest Internet Service Provider in Germany, is using Tomcat for his portal

    I saw it one time, because they had an error on their portal and you could see the error message of TOMCAT.

  27. It would also be interesting to know for what kind of systems these "big" companies and agencies use the software. It does make a difference if the system is say AT&T´s main call switching system, compared to if it is a departemental newspipe system with 25 users...

    Br - Johan
  28. Right, don't say you are using Tomcat in blad blad big companies which in fact are only an dept application for dozens people.
  29. -- a photography/album site -- uses Java exclusively, with Tomcat and partly with Struts.
  30. We are using a single instance of Tomcat 4.0x in production for a global nonprofit to serve its 10 sites, 14 web apps, and about 30,000 static files. This organization has about 1,000 users daily extensively using the web apps (in many cases via HTTPS), and another 1,000 daily just browsing static files.

    Not exactly a major company, but they switched from IIS 4 and got a lot better performance and stability out of Tomcat.

    Looking to get better performance out of Tomcat than what we are getting now, and definitely will be trying the Coyote HTTP connector and looking for improvements in 4.1. Planning to distribute to multiple instances of Tomcat in the future. But, definitely looking for continued improvements in Tomcat first rather than looking to alternatives, because Tomcat is great!

    j f
  31. As another datapoint, the recently announced Sun ONE Application Server 7 uses a modified Tomcat 4 as its servlet container, along with the Jasper JSP compiler (not sure which version). I believe that it's an in-process JVM inside webserver which is based on iWS 6 (C/C++) for performance reasons.

    Sun's Solaris Management Console for Solaris 10 will run on top of Tomcat 4, replacing the current Swing-based GUI app.

    The Sun System Handbook CD, containing all the specs of Sun's hardware ships with Jetty on the CD as a servlet engine embedded in a tiny Swing app. It also includes the open source Lucene search engine which rocks.
  32. My company's public website is run on Apache with Tomcat. We are also shipping a commercial product which embeds JBoss and Tomcat.
  33. Yes. Actually we are working with a bank in our area that is deploying on Apache Tomcat for all of their teller functions.
  34. Protedyne makes robots for genetics research, we link and control the various pieces of automated equipment together, and talk to the customer's software, using a Tomcat-based web application.
  35. William,
    I'd like to know more about how you are using Tomcat with robots for genetic research.
    Is there somewhere I can read more about this project?


  36. For samll companies developing products, tomcat is a better alternative..
  37. I think Tomcat is the best choiche, it's free. I have released 4 products based on tomcat as Servlet engine.
  38. My company developed a web-based billing application for an Internet fax company in Nigeria and it runs on Tomcat 4.0. The application analyzes Call Data Records (CDRs) and bills customers accordingly almost in real-time. Customers can login in to check their accout status and print call details and statements.
    The company is very happy with our product. The site is up 24X7 and handles hundreds of CDRs containing thousands of lines of fax details daily and it's been up for months. It runs on Win2K Server and MSSQL 2000. The last time we were called in for support was over a DNS-related problem; Win2K had to be restarted, nothing to do with Tomcat.
    We're hoping to develop other products that will ship with Tomcat 'cause it simply rocks!
  39. Paul: "My company developed a web-based billing application for an Internet fax company in Nigeria..."

    Do you happen to be in possession of a large amount of over-budgeted money, in American dollars that you would like to deposit into my account?

    Hope your product is not contributing to any of this or this!

    I get one of these emails or faxes about every month from Nigeria!!!



  40. Greg,

    As a Nigerian working and living in London, this is a situation that embarrasses me enormously. My country seems to be known for nothing but 419 fraudulent scams and it makes my life very difficult. I get such letters too and seriously hope that the international community will take the adequate measures to rid my country of these bad eggs who give the honest ones like myself a very bad name.

    Unfortunately our Government is not doing much to stem this damaging tide instead they are looting the country's treasure.

    I seriously hope that these charlatans will be eradicated.

    As for the matter at hand, I once introduced Tomcat to my company. It was used to power the Jive forum.

    All the best.
  41. Hi Paul,

    I'll like to learn more about the billing system.

    How can I contact you?
  42. I work for one of the major wireless companies and we have some major Tomcat installations which run flawlessly.
  43. No Tomcat I'm sorry, but we use Resin, JBoss, Linux, Struts, Apache, Oracle etc etc., to run our company's entire core business system, website, warehouse etc. etc.

    Resin licence is cheap, the only expensive licence we have to pay for is Oracle.

    We are the UKs largest online wholesaler. All our revenue comes through our website. We are not a small venture.

    The system stays up 24 x 7 (yes really!), we NEVER have to reboot the boxes (this is both a credit to linux and jboss).

    I get fantastic 24 x 7 free support from the forums and mailing lists, and I can fix the code myself if I want (for the OS stuff).

    Tomcat only missed out by a whisker to Resin, since when we did the initial evaluation Resin had better performance and stability- not sure what the situation is now.

  44. "No Tomcat I'm sorry, but we use Resin, JBoss, Linux, Struts, Apache, Oracle etc etc., to run our company's entire core business system, website, warehouse etc. etc.

    Resin licence is cheap, the only expensive licence we have to pay for is Oracle.

    We are the UKs largest online wholesaler. All our revenue comes through our website. We are not a small venture."

    So, what's your company's url ? Just want to check it out if you don't mind ..... That's the first time I hear a big site using jboss in production ? Does anyone else knows about other major commercial website with high volume or visibility using jboss to power their site. Thanks.
  45. Hi,

    A short study on the issue of JBoss on commercial use yielded the following:
    1. Mercury Interactive (world leader in testing software) has a monitoring product called Topaz, for application monitoring, including J2EE application servers (see:
    This product runs on JBoss (bundled in the CD). If you are not yet familiar with application Monitoring &#8211; these are products that are installed in concert with large web-site or mission critical enterprise systems, to be able to locate performance issues as they are happening (actually, even before they happen). Monitoring software has to be very robust, and very efficient (not to have a lot of overhead effects over the monitored system)

    I guess you can find many large sites and enterprises that run Topaz, meaning, run JBoss.

    2. Another software company I know is running its product on JBoss as the primary application server is Decell ( - they build software for mobile traffic information and route guidance.

    Hope this information will help you make the right choice&#8230;

  46. Hi Tim,

    I am evaluating JBOSS for pur company and my boss wants to know if there are any major companies using JBOSS in production.

    Can you tell me your companies URL? Do you know other companies using it in production?

    Thank you in advance,
    Oliver Fischer
  47. Hi, many Hong Kong big companies using Tomcat.
    I work for one of the major web development companies in Hong Kong. Most of our client are major companies in Hong Kong. Many of our projects use JBoss-Tomcat-MySQL. While some of the others use JRun.
    Our company have relationship with BEA, but very few client willing to pay for it.
  48. We use multiple instances of Tomcat per server and an inexpensive array of intel servers as the architecture for our Simplemerce web store software.

    We have AT&T Canada using it and a number of other companies. We are currently talking with a major newspaper that needs a ecommerce web store that can handle a very high daily order volume which we can put on n P4 servers each running Tomcat or fewer higher end solaris or ibm boxes. For a large company considering the 10,000 $/cpu alternatives open source solutions such as Tomcat offer compelling savings.

    We have found Tomcat to be reliable and as long as we use IBM's jdk we don't leak ram. Also by putting 2 instances of tomcat per server we can update code on a live server and get improved performance.

    David Sopuch, Corporation

  49. I see lots of users of Tomcat (and some of Resin), but not Jetty. Why - is it just because Tomcat is the reference implementation?

    My company is about to go live with a Jetty/JBoss-based solution. So far, the combination has been rock-solid.

    Do we have any company here?
  50. Slightly off topic but does anyone has any experience with sapdb as the database in web applications.

    looks like a solid database as opposed to mysql and hsqldb.

    also its easier to install on windows than postgresql.

    and it's free.
  51. Who cares?[ Go to top ]

    Who cares? 99% of performance problems come from the disgusting code that's run in the container, not the container.

    I would suggest that developers looking to blame their miserable performance on a container should cast the beam out of their own eye first.

    Casting the first stone,
  52. <quote>
    Slightly off topic but does anyone has any experience with sapdb as the database in web applications.

    We use SAP DB on a couple of web applications - it is wonderful. Wouldn't use anything else (for what we do, anyway)! In fact, we moved off of Oracle and on to Sap DB because we found the functionality to be compatible, the speed to be compatible, and the price to be, of course, completely free. It also has a history of high end production with SAP systems. It is a breeze to set up and configure. A breeze to tune. The support at is outstanding. They have an excellent team in charge of the database at SAP Labs in Berlin.

  53. Tomcat is a famous strong implementation of the JSP/Servlet specifications. I see also that the performance is enought (and has increased since catalina) for big size B2E applications. I found recently in the Java Web Services developer pack provided by sun an administation tool (based on jsp) which is at the same level than competitive commercial products.
    To reply your question i found Tomcat in Lufthansa intranet when i was in Frankfurt. I am working now in Finland and the software we are delivering for Metso (2nd big company here) is based on tomcat, despite we decided to use bluestone months ago. Why make the customer pay if we know free products that fit to the needs?
  54. It can get things wrong but a good place to look is Netcraft.

    Open up the latest report

    scroll down the the software you are interested in. So for Tomcat that would be :

    Jetty would be :



  55. I work for a top 100 US bank and we are using Tomcat as our primary JSP/servlet engine for our intranet. We have a total of 16 production instances spread across 4 servers using mod_jk2 in Apache on separate load balanced servers. Mod_jk2 is configured for load balancing between the apache and tomcat servers. We have some applications taking about 1300 hits/minute with nar a blip on the servers. You should also check out, as I believe they use Tomcat to drive their site.