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    The application we are developing is a pretty large and based on about 500 tables. We will be using WebLogic 7 and are thinking about using CMP 2.0 to access the data. From what I have read so far, based on the earlier version of CMP, it was not a good idea create that many Entity Beans. Does that still hold true? If so, what should be the maximum number of Entity Beans? Should we mix CMP and BMP? Any pointer in the right direction are always appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    We have an application with about 100 tables & 100 CMP beans running on weblogic 6.1. We have had no problems with the numbers, except deploying is a little slow (20seconds for just the entity beans).

    I guess with 500 tables you'll have a deployment time of close to 2 minutes for the entity beans, and then when you add other things it is really going to hurt. It really makes developing fun when you need to wait several minutes between making a change, compiling it, and running it.

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    Thanks Daniel...Any other suggestions?