Oracle Releases Preview of New J2EE 1.3 JDeveloper IDE


News: Oracle Releases Preview of New J2EE 1.3 JDeveloper IDE

  1. Oracle has released a preview (v9.0.3) of the JDeveloper IDE. This release introduces full J2EE 1.3 development support starting from UML modeling of EJB's and Web Services, to development, debugging, tuning and deployment, with full integration with Ant, Struts 1.1 and JUnit.

    The complete (non-expiring) version is available here:

    More info
    Oracle released the preview version of the new Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3 its award winning Java, XML, SQL and Web-services development environment.

    This release include full support for J2EE 1.3 and many other features including:

     - UML Modeling and code generation synchronization for EJB 2.0, and Web Services.
     - Reverse engineer EJB from database definition to generate CMP/CMR.
     - Wizards that generate and enable you to edit and deploy EJB2.0, Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2
     - Integrated J2EE container that let you test and debug your components locally before deploying them to any other J2EE server (one click deploy to Oracle9iAS and WebLogic and documented support for JBoss, WebSphere and others).
     - Built-in support for Struts, Ant and JUnit.
     - Enhanced support for CVS.
     - Enhanced Web-services support including UDDI browsing, Web-services from stored procedures, support for document style Web-services, Web services Modeling/development and testing inside the IDE.
     - Enhanced refactoring.
     - Unique debugger for Java UIs.
     - Code Profiler enhancements.
     - Improved Database integration including stored procedure debugging, database creation wizards and more.
     - Improved J2EE design pattern framework (BC4J) with new integration that lets you use the framework on existing EJBs to simplify client binding.

    Download a complete version with no time limit for FREE at:

    A license of Oracle9i JDeveloper is only $995, the best deal around for such a comprehensive IDE.

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  2. Not able to download. I think too many hits on the server at this point in time. Will try again in the night.
  3. I had no problem downloading it - but in any case this is the release I've been waiting for!

  4. Not able to download,and it doesnot seem to me that the problem is something other than No if hits or site being busy..
  5. Myself and several others that I work with have downloaded it (one very recently) with no problems.

  6. Does anyone know if this release supports doing Sequence diagrams with UML?
  7. http://download-->http://download(west, east etc.) - OK - hangs
  8. Following Oracle's normal download link ( didn't work for me either. But the link you pointed out works ( Thx!
  9. I'm downloading the base installation right now. The link is incorrect, however. It's trying to download when the file is actually Also, I had to submit the survey form twice before it would proceed.
  10. JDev 9.0.3 seems to be on its way to become the best IDE/java tool in the java world. I downloaded it yesterday and I must say I was very impressed with its new features: J2EE 1.3 support(EJB 2.0, Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2 ...), Struts 1.1 and there seems to be support for JBoss. The most important addition is the support for Struts which is probably the most widely used java web framework. Now, developers have a solid IDE on which they can count to develop their Struts-based applications. Let's not forget about EJB 2.0 which many of you would argue is the important feature. Anyway you look at it, this version of JDev will make a big impact. I think JDev is a little better than JBuiler. As far as I know, the only top dog that will send any other home with their tails tucked in between their legs is Together ControlCenter. However, JDeveloper 9.0.3 seems to be ready for battle. I admit that right now, Together has the edge but, I have faith in JDev.
  11. Is JDev built on top of eclipse as well?
  12. Pardon my basic question, I spent 30 mins looking around the Oracle Website to no avail.

    Is JDeveloper free? If so, why would Oracle support other app servers besides their own 9ias? How is Larry to make money from JDeveloper?

  13. Pratik,
    As I understand it, you can download JDeveloper free for developing, but for deployment, you pay a flat $995.00 (which I don't think is such a bad price, actually, considering the cost of other IDEs with similar functionality).

  14. A great tool but unfortunately its a little slow to work with. It´s definately the slowest tool i tested so far, otherwise it´s great to have everything in one IDE.
  15. Hans,

    If you think 9.0.3 is slow, you should have been using 9.0.2. We use the whole Developer Suite here, and the 9.0.3 release is the one we've been waiting for. They have greatly improved just about everything in the 9.0.3 release, but I would say responsiveness was one of their bigger improvements (that and the ability to change the caret color so I can have a black background now and have my cursor show up!).

  16. Yeah, that cursor bug was annoying. Finally, i can work with my classic borland layout (since Turbo-Pascal 4.5 :).

    Now seriously, Jdev team, if you read this, speed is what we need, ui should improve its slickness and should respond faster.

    Keep up the short release cycle!

  17. Some answers to previous messages in this thread:

    Pricing: Free download form OTN under the OTN license. (Full unlimited version for evaluation and education) If you are developing production application you need to license JDeveloper for $995, by far the cheapest for such an IDE. (Even cheaper than buying an upgrade to your next version of JBuilder :-)

    Does JDeveloper lock you into Oracle?
    No. For deployment you can use any J2EE server.
    The J2EE Framework BC4J works with other databases and this is documented.
    You can work with other databases from withing JDeveloper too.
    JDeveloper generates pure Java code so it is as portable between environment as Java can be.
    That said, JDeveloper does have feature that make the work with the Oracle environment easier like PL/SQL code insight and debugging.

    JDeveloper's Platform:
    JDeveloper is NOT based on eclipse, it is written purely in Java using an API that is available for developers and companies that are looking to add features and components to JDeveloper. You can get this Extension SDK on

    Are there any companies using it?
    250,000 downloads and over 500,000 CDs distributed in less than a year would mean the answer is positive.
    You can see some customers' stories at:

    How does Oracle plan to make money out of JDeveloper if we are giving it away for only $995?
    We are planning to sell a lot of it :-)

  18. Don't you think that the choice of a Java IDE is dictated by the choice of your app server? If WebLogic or WebSphere is still the king, I find it hard for people to choose JDeveloper over JBuilder or WSAD, even though in this round of the battle JDeveloper 9.0.3 may came out slightly ahead. Also, I believe the app server helps to sell an IDE, not the other way around. And to sell an app server, you need the whole stack - Portal, Content Management, Personalization, and Commerce servers, all built on top of the same J2EE technology, not just a re-bundling of legacy stuff.
  19. Eric Ma wrote:

    "Don't you think that the choice of a Java IDE is dictated by the choice of your app server? If WebLogic or WebSphere is still the king, I find it hard for people to choose JDeveloper over JBuilder or WSAD"

    I would agree that for webSphere its easier to use WSAD (or at least it will be when 5 ships eventually ;-) if you are still using VAJ and trying to work with WAS4 then you will know what a nightmare that is

    However my experience BEAs partnership with WebGain makes me fear for Borland stocks ;-) and you still have the problems of synchronising releases

    JDeveloper works well against weblogic server and is a *fraction of the price* of JBuilder so if you want to do web services and J2EE development against 9iAS, WLS OR JBoss then JDeveloper is very capable and excellent value

    If I had a lab ful of WebGain Studio licenses I would trade them for JDeveloper and get an even better price - $750

    but of course im biased ;-)
  20. I dont see a RPM linux deployment. Please have a linux deployment there.
  21. I declare a bias because my (new) role at Oracle is UK Business Development Manager for 9iAS Solutions. previosuly I was a principal consultant for WebGain and an IBM consultancy before that. Thse views are mine & not official Oracle statements

    JDeveloper is a great tool at an unbeatable price
    It does J2EE, WebServices and SQL (ok oriented to Oracle but so what ?) AND persistence management via the TopLink mapping workbench (coming soon and for no extra cost unlike at WebGain) and it deployes both to BEA and 9iAS so it would make an excellent replacement for webGain Studio / cafe and for those users there is even a discount !

    Why is it so cheap ? - Simple, it is not the main line of business - 9iAS the whole technology stack is the main business - so there is no expectation of making lots of money out of JDeveloper by itself BUT it is part of a very comprehensive approach to Java technology both from a technical and financial basis.

    Having a decent development tool is a significant issue and Oracle can now field JDeveloper and TopLink Mapping Workbench for state of the art Java and J2EE development at a fantastic price (compare prices with together, JBuilder and WSAD. Ideal for enterprise development which is the whole idea

    When I was at WebGain I didnt take Oracle as a serious competitor but I have changed my mind big time based on the technology let alone the value for money

    I would urge folks to check it out for themsleves at the OTN website metinoned in the first post

    Phil McLaughlin
  22. Phil -
    "Why is it so cheap ? - Simple, it is not the main line of business - 9iAS the whole technology stack is the main business - so there is no expectation of making lots of money out of JDeveloper by itself BUT it is part of a very comprehensive approach to Java technology both from a technical and financial basis. "

    NET is the bottom line - will Oracle continues
    spending money/resource to make JDeveloper up-to-date with Java technology if Oracle make no money on the tool?

    I don't think this is the case. 9iAS tries to lock customers into its whole stack; and Oracle will make money
    on its JDev for sure.

    .2 cents

    Tieu Chu
  23. Posted By: TuyVan CongHuyen on September 6, 2002 in response to this message.

    <snip my original text>

    NET is the bottom line - will Oracle continues
    spending money/resource to make JDeveloper up-to-date with Java technology if Oracle make no money on the tool?

    I don't think this is the case. 9iAS tries to lock customers into its whole stack; and Oracle will make money
    on its JDev for sure.

    .2 cents

    Tieu Chu

    Hmm - first an apology for a badly worded message

    MY main line of intrest at Oracle is the 9iAS product stack - clearly Oracle have one or two other products as well ;-)

    I hope we do make money on JDeveloper - it is an excellent product and deserves due praise - its just that I dont get measured by the sales of JDeveloper licences hence my careless comment for which I apologise (before I get sacked ;-)

    J2EE development is a more complex task than many people - especially managers believe or understand. Ive been doing this with Visual Age and WebSphere, WebGain and WLS and now the Oracle tools as a consultant since Servlets started appealing to enterprise development and IDEs do make a difference - especially on a corporate scale.

    The bottom line is that ANY IDE will do (including Notepad) for the actual process of creating Java code BUT its is hopelessly inefficient and can seriously threaten a project.

    Good IDEs like JDeveloper with wizards and support for deployment and code management, not to mention in built STRUTS, JUnit, ANT and CVS make a big impact and Oracle have seen this and acted on it. Full credit to the guys at the top - as I said before I didnt take Oracle and Java seriouly a couple of years ago but now its a different story. Oracle have the best story going forward which is why I joined.

    Providing JDeveloper is an excellent technical aid to J2EE development, in particular on our server products , but more generally on BEA and JBoss too & at a fraction of the competitions pricing

    As for lock in - well 1) if you write fully compliant J2EE code you are not locked in to anyone's product. There are always problems moving from one server to another but these are typically in deployment management (but see Cacheon's migrator tool for a good story on that front) and due to poorly written code wich doesnt have good abstraction for teh persistence layer (since Orcale bought TopLink we also have the class leading solution here).

    2) Lock in or value added services ? - if you have a look at 9iAS you will see a LOT of functionality over and above the Web and EJB containers (typically what would be called the Java App Server) and it is the bundling and tight integration of these products that makes 9iAS such a good value proposition.

    JDeveloper is tightly integrated with these so I think it makles a killer combination - of course your mileage may vary

    hope this clarifies my position a bit


  24. Code formatter[ Go to top ]

    Is there any code formatter in JDev920 ?


  25. Code formatter[ Go to top ]

    Yes there are.
    A couple of open source project can plug into JDeveloper with the Extension SDK.
    Check out

    To get more details.
  26. Code formatter[ Go to top ]

    Thank you Shay,

    Jalopy was installed in seconds and works fine.

    Oracle site also noted JRefactor. But JRefactor
    seems to be not aware of existance of JDeveloper.

    Jalopy looks good, can JD have it permanently
    or Apache licence prohibit it?

  27. There has been a lot of nice words regarding JDeveloper in these threads, but what about its drawbacks? I am right now evaluating which tool to use for a client project. Since we are going to use Oracle´s appserver it seems reasonable to use JDeveloper. Earlier I have used Eclipse with various plugins to get the whole IDE-thing with wizards and stuff. This, together with ant-scripts also does the trick but with slightly more pre-work. The whole "deploy-with-one-click" thing is though possible with an ant-script as well.

    From what I have seen so far, is that the code editor works kind of slow and during debugging it would be nice to have a separate view with a different line of panels than those when doing the coding. It gets a little bit messy with all those views in one screen. The code editor is also far from the Eclipse version.

    Anyone else has some thoughts?

    /Johannes Carlén

  28. On P3-866+512M JDev is OK, Eclipse is just more enjoyble with SWT. Eclipse is better in screen space management. Sitting with Oracle's DB and AS JDev is WAY MORE integrated: pl/sql, deployment, bc4j, struts, uml, ws. I suggest buying strong computers for couple of JDev for design/architecture persons. Implementators can do job with Eclipse too : everithing with CVS, ant, IDE-agnostic project structure. Yes, JDev is A BIT "binding", but Oracle DB and AS is already A LOT of "binding".
  29. does anybody know something about compatiblity of jdev and bc4j and uix and etc with ms sql, db2, mysql and other alternatives, in other words, is there any concerns about possible lock-in with oracle solutions.
  30. Olegs,

    BC4J supports ms sql, db2 (and mysql). Check out.

  31. metrowerks codewarrior ver 8 for windows rocks!
  32. Oracle Releases Preview of New J2EE 1.3 JDeveloper IDE[ Go to top ]

    There are several powerful db-related
    functionalities: browser, sql and
    plsql client etc.
    They ARE Oracle oriented. Brief check
    with MySql_InnoDB did not show any ddl or dml

  33. compatibility sounds very impressive, but how then oracle is going to get money out of jdev??? and is there any company which uses oracle suite for commercial application?
    and i have not heard oracle commitment to move their applications suite to jdev and bc4j etc, does it mean that jdev still is something for "others"?
  34. has anybody got jdev to run on osx.2?

    i managed to get it to startup but there are problems.
    mainly drag and drop does not work and run oc4j complains about not finding javamail.
  35. As a died-in-the-wool fan of
    NetBeans/Forte for Java/Sun ONE Studio I can say
    that I am impressed.

    I was using NetBeans before the Sun acquisition and
    enjoyed its incarnation as Forte for Java (NetBeans+)
    into its present form as Sun ONE Studio.

    I am not above trying new things. This one caught me
    by surprise.

    Full EJB, Web Services, UML modeling *AND* support for
    JBoss? I could not ignore that since JBoss is my
    prototype/development platform of choice.

    I will play with it to find the rough edges, but so
    far, not bad.

    Your Kilometers may vary.


  36. Anybody have any experience with UIX?[ Go to top ]

    Anybody out there have any experience with the UIX... I took a look at it for an afternoon and there are some things I like about it. In particular the managed Tree, and Tab components could be very useful(any body know of anything similar using taglibs and/or Struts?). It Claims to integrate well with Struts and so I am wondering if anyone has done this. Do you have any comments,insights or observations? One thing that does concern me about UIX is that it is a propertiery technology and that Oracle could decide that it was not worth
    their effort to keep enchancing it. Without the source that would leave us in a pickel if we wanted new functionality.

    Thanks for any comments,
    Scott Shealy
  37. Anybody have any experience with UIX?[ Go to top ]

    You could try Jade an Openframework from it has datagrid and tree like components. If you have experience with ASP.NET you will notice some resemblance.
    And the framework is under the GNU license ....
  38. This is the first time I was really impressed using a Java IDE. I have used JBuilder, IntelliJ and Eclipse before, but starting to use a new IDE was always a pain, you had to invest a lot of time to learn how to use it effectively and at the end I always ended up using my old plain text editor. This is, in my opinion not the case with JDev, its very intuitive. I really like the One Click deployment to the integrated app server. I think this really speeds up development a lot.
    I think the Oracle guys finally convinced me to use an IDE.
    Great work.


  39. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this newer version of JDeveloper. I had tried out the earlier version (9.0.2), and although the functionality was extremely good, it was painfully slow. The Oracle folks seem to have addressed the performance issue, and the result is a fantastic IDE! Coupled with the price, this seems really attractive. I suspect that JDeveloper might give JBuilder a run for it's money.

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