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    Dear ServerSide community,

    as I argued in another thread ( )I feel a strong need for a Frameworks Section or Forum in TheServerSide.

    In my opinion frameworks are the real productivity boosters, especially when complemented with a powerful toolset.

    Any supporters for this idea?

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    I would be interested in this. One could argue that it should go into the servlet/jsp section, but it is really a different topic to me.

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    I really like the idea. It will give the community a chance to share ideas and designs, to solve real problems. Having the patterns section is ok, but they are all common place. Reposts of well known patterns in a different context or form doesn't serve the community very well.

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    That's really a good idea !
    B.t.w. when does the new version of TSS start ? There are really some things that need improvement.
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    I think the new version of TSS has been hopelessly lost.


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    If you don't mind me asking a very stupid question - will you ane Ed Roman ever consider making TSS, or part of it, an open source project? I believe there has been several requests for feature enhancement, which may take a while for a single person to implement. I think the J2EE community as a whole can pitch in and make TSS better.

    Of course I understand the magnitude of the undertaking - there will be a lot of good arguments for various designs. But it may be possible for people to submit design proposals, and then we ask the community to vote for the best design. Whatever design that gets the most votes will be implemented by volunteers.

    Do I sound too naive?
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    Thats a great suggestion guys. A frameworks forum would be great. However, about a frameworks section, what would we put there?

    About the open source idea, its an idea we've toyed with for some time, but never come to any resolution. We don't have any strong reasons for or against it... Perhaps we'll do it once the app matures a bit more.

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    Hi Floyd,

    >Great suggestion...but what would we put there?
    That's the beauty of a forum: you (as site manager) don't have to put anything in it, you just have to create the container.
    Just like the "Patterns" section (or instead of...).
    The community will fill the section.
  9. While adding a new section of the site dedicated to frameworks would be involved, an interim alternative would be to add a "Frameworks forum" under Discussions. This would give TSS the opportunity to see how the community responds. I don't know how the site is designed but it would seem to me that adding a new section to the forums shouldn't be too difficult.