New Versions of OpenSymphony PropertySet and OSCore Released


News: New Versions of OpenSymphony PropertySet and OSCore Released

  1. The OpenSymphony team is pleased to announce the release of the new PropertySet project (formally included in OSCore), as well as a new release of OSCore (without the PropertySet module).

    New features in PropertySet include a centralized configuration, more support for JDBC persistence, and a PropertySetManager that can initialize propertysets dynamically. PropertySets provide an abstracted way to dynamically store and retrieve typed data from a persistence store. Support for EJB, JDBC, Ofbiz, XML, caching, JavaBeans, and more is included, along with a simple API to write your own PropertySets custom tailored to your needs.

    OSCore is a set of small utility classes that is useful in J2EE and even non-J2EE applications. Components include utilities to modify text, dates, primitive data, and XML. Also included is an EJB-compatible sequence generator that can easily be used by entity beans to provide unique IDs for primary keys.

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    About OpenSymphony
    OpenSymphony is a group of highly trained professionals seeking to better the opensource offerings for enterprise-class J2EE applications. Other projects by OpenSymphony include:

    -OSUser - A user management API that can bridge with any J2EE container, providing a common interface to container-managed security (something left out of the J2EE spec).

    -PropertySet - Various implementations of a PropertySet interface that allows for dynamic persistence storage of data-typed properties.

    -OSCache - JSP tag library and set of classes to perform fine grained dynamic caching of JSP content.

    -SiteMesh - A servlet filter + tag library component that uses decorators to allow for excellent site layout and web app integration.

    -WebWork - WebWork is a web application framework for J2EE based on a concept called "Pull HMVC" (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller) and supports multiple view technologies.

    -OSWorkflow - A very flexible workflow system that can be plugged in to almost any need or existing application.

    -FormTags - JSP taglib designed to make integration of HTML forms and Javabeans relatively orthogonal and convenient.

    -TransformTags - JSP taglib designed to provide tags to transform source content from one form to another, such as XSL transformation.

    -OSAccess - An Entitlement security engine for fine grain security access.

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    If you were wondering:

    The OpenSymphony components are licensing under the terms of the "OpenSymphony Software License"

    The OpenSymphony Software License is very similar to the Apache Public License.