Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 1.0 Released


News: Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 1.0 Released

  1. Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 1.0 Released (7 messages)

    Quartz 1.0 has been Released Quartz is a free (open source) enterprise-class job scheduler for use within J2SE and J2EE applications.

    Quartz is capable of running in virtually any Java environment, from free-standing applications to J2EE application servers.

    Quartz supports both RAM (volatile) and JDBC (persistent) storage of jobs. Quartz also has many "high-end" features, such as support for XA transactions. Quartz is highly scalable, very lightweight and supports very complex scheduling.

    Check out the project's home page at http://www.part.net/quartz.html.
  2. It looks pretty cool. I'm not sure that I have a use for it.
  3. James has done a great job with Quartz and even better stuff is coming soon. Congrats James!

    We use Quartz in OSWorkflow as the default job scheduler and it does an amazing job.
  4. Looks cool, but where is the documentation about 'Enerprise features' ?
  5. Any plans to implement UI to create/maintain/monitor jobs?

    -- Igor

  6. Hi,

    Regarding the question about a "GUI".

    Yes there are "plans" to create one, though plans are currently well off into the future (probably after the 1.1 release) - as it isn't high on my priority list.

    There have been a couple people in the past say that they're going to work on a GUI and submit it back to the project, but I've never heard back from them.

    As always, you're welcome to contribute to the project ;-)

  7. Hi
    The coming 1.4 spec ( EJB 2.1 )
    contians the new contianer managed timer service.

    Will the enterprise part of Quartz be migrated to
    this standard ?

  8. Hi, Regarding the question about the "timer service" in the coming J2EE 1.4 spec.

    Quartz goes FAR beyond what is in the specification, and it we would have to "ditch" nearly all of the features of Quartz to get it to look like what is in the spec. In simple terms, the timer service of the J2EE spec only support the most basic of scheduling requirements (it basically lets you say "please call this EJB in XXX seconds") Where as Quartz is full-featured to let you make schedules such as "Execute this Job (wich may or may not be an EJB invokation) on every monday, wednesday and friday at 5 minute intervals, between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, unless it is a business holiday". Furthermore, Quartz lets you name and categorize Jobs, and has many other feature well beyond the scope of the timer service.

    On the other hand, the "timer service" meets the needs of many applications, and Quartz is overkill. Furthermore, the implementor of the timer service for use in an App Server could easily use Quartz as the back-bone on which to build the Timer Service.

    So, the "enterprise parts" of Quartz will not be "changed" to this standard, but they may be "wrapped" to provide an additional interface that conforms to the standard's interface. This isn't currently "high" on my priority list, though if you or someone wanted to contribute to the project....