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    Can anyone suggest me a site from where i can download a good book on EJB


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    are yaar tumhare bagal me itne aache book hai aur bol rahe ho ki ejb ki book chahiye. click the link on the right corner of theserverside.com page. that is an excellent book.
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    Hi Bharani,

    here i am sending the url.
    go through that site.there u will find a book with pdf format.
    the book is ejb-book-roman. Its' a good book.

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     Please use the web interface to download the book. Just click on the "Download Mastering EJB" link on the right side of the resources section page.

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    Yeh the samw thing Mr.Barani. do the main page of the "theserverside.com". u cane see one advt in the topf the page" MASTERING EJB".it'z such a nice book by " EDROMAN". download it and enjoy
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    hi sagar
             you haven't given any url as you said.pl send the correct url other than theserverside.com
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    Haii Mr.Ravindara,

    U can download the " Mastering on EJB " by EdRoman from this website url " https://theserverside.com/resources/ejb-book-roman.zip".

    Keep in touch with: kgjawahar at hotmail dot com