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    A new Hard Core Tech Talk with Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, JSP 1.3 spec lead and architect of the Java Web Services Pack has been posted on TheServerSide. In this interview, Eduardo describes the JCP and the role of a spec lead, Sun's Web services strategy, and how developers can use the different JAX APIs in their projects, and the role of JAX-RPC, JAXM, and JAXR.

    Watch Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart's Interview Here.

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    article: "The Problems with JSP" (Jason Hunter)



    article: "JSP technology - friend or foe?"

    JSP alternatives:








    Velocity template engine


    JByte - JavaBY Template Engine


    Additional resources:




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    webwork is most deffinatly not a jsp alternative
    it even supports it as a view technologie through taglibs wich have been part of the specs for a long time
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    First of all, the messages about JSP do not belong to this thread. Second, I don't know why people have problems with JSP. I had good experiences with the technology. Of course you have to use it properly, and not make a spaghetti code out of your JSP views. Otherwise, I don't buy that this (taken from the article):

    #set $title = "The Page Title"
    #parse "header.wm"
      Your content here
    #parse "footer.wm"

    is any better than this:

    <% String title = "The Page Title"; %>
    <%@ include file="/header.jsp" %>
      Your content here
    <%@ include file="/footer.jsp" %>

    And thank God there are alternatives for everyone's taste out there. There were lousy projects done with JSP as there are and will be lousy projects done with any other technology (including ASP.Net). People seem to like cook-books: do it like I tell you, it's much better and not do their own thinking.
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    Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart is/was the spec lead for JSP 1.3

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    Just one brief follow-up since the original article is not about JavaServer Pages.

    I have been spec lead or co-spec lead for all the JSP specifications to-date. No technology is perfect and I know that the JSP technology is no exception, but I believe that the technology is a very valuable standard and that the community and the Expert Group have done a very good job in evolving and building on the technology over the years.

    Some specification additions in the last years:

    * JSP 1.1 -- Portable tag libraries
    * JSP 1.2 -- Validation of tag library use patterns
    * JSP 2.0 -- Adds .tag files, expression language.

    * JSTL 1.0 -- A standard JSP tag library

    There are other worthy template languages. A key value of defining the JSP technology is that it allows the Java community to focus on features beyond the basic template language, like frameworks (Struts), server-side components (JSF), page authoring tools, etc.

  7. I am really interested to find out where Java Process Component JSR is going. A hard-core interview with Mark Hapner would be very interesting.

  8. * About JSP:

    JSP was initially created to resolve the big problem of coding servlet with HTML (I had to create my own template processor to avoid this a few years ago!)-> Resolved

    We wanted more: separate logic of view: Java Beans binding achieved it-> Resolved (partially).

    We wanted true MVC: tag libs and use servlets (struts or your own) as controller->Resolved.

    We want automatic HTML widget generation and CASE tools: Java Server Faces is going on...

    What is the problem with JSP? All criticism
    about JSP, I think, are outdated now.

    * About WebServices stuff (JAX-RPC, JAXM ...)

      Is CORBA/RMI with a new cool face (but with bad performing), but is born to stay (because Microsoft is not interested really with CORBA/IIOP and OMG world and the firewall problems).

      I think there is a good work of JCPs with WebServices. Java today, is up in the WebServices world with standards and implementations.

      A problem: current fragmentation of standards in the workflow scene.

    Buen trabajo Eduardo. De acuerdo a tu curriculum (http://java.sun.com/people/pelegri/) quizás seas el catalán más universal en el mundo del software ;)

  9. I have to agree with Jose MarĂ­a Arranz completly. All the previous articles were date in 2000. Even back then, I didn't share the same view as J. Hunter.